The number of elective places for EBAU’s medical majors in 2024 reaches a record high

Public universities that already offer medical degrees are receiving their concession resolution. Related to the increase in places.Since December 20 last year, the medical community began to know file resultsan expected process will end in the next few weeksas you know medical writing. It’s unclear how many of the 37 public universities that hold the degree and sent applications have been notified. The increase in places in medicine will provide greater opportunities for students who complete EBAU in 2024 to enter the profession.

In this way, the University Ministry, together with the Ministry of Health, launched Funding to create medical quotas in 2024a financing “It’s been streamlined to the max.” According to sources in these departments, universities even plan to receive them in early 2023.

The cumulative direct subsidy amount is €52 million to fund 706 additional places Medical degree from a public university for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Medical professional quota increased

The grant funded two concepts.The first one is him Recurring expenses arising from the increase in quotas The volume of medical degree studies in the academic year 2023-2024 and the investments made to achieve the above growth and improve the quality of teaching, as per Annex to Royal Decree No. 698/2023 of July 25.

This annex reflects the maximum number of additional places each university can fund.The maximum number of financing places depends on different factors, such as 15% upper limit Increase the location above each university’s verification memory, Approved by University Policy Assemblyand the university’s own ability to absorb growth.

According to the principle of reasonableness of public expenditure, the estimated cost The current fee for each additional place is €15,000 2023-2024 school year.

Nearly all new positions have been filled, but not all.A condition of receiving €15,000 for six years is that the new position must be retained until the graduation of three classes and There can’t be any deserted squares. Of the twenty universities that responded to a query whether they had registered for medical degree vacancies, medical writing, only one person knows it.this is about University of Lleidathere are still 3 vacancies after Lost three students in mid-November, when the University of Catalonia ended its operations on October 27. Dean, Ana Casanovasit’s a pity “it’s detrimental to have so much homework before final registration ends, Too much student mobility“.

Although it may contain statements, data, or notes from health agencies or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is compiled and prepared by journalists. Readers are advised to consult a healthcare professional with any health-related questions.

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