The number of Poles in Great Britain has dropped below 700,000

2021-11-25 12:59

2021-11-25 12:59

The number of Poles in Great Britain has dropped below 700,000
The number of Poles in Great Britain has dropped below 700,000
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In mid-2021, the UK was inhabited by 696,000. people with Polish citizenship, which means that in the first half their number decreased by 42 thousand, and in relation to the peak in 2012, by as much as 325 thousand. – according to the data of the ONS statistical office announced on Thursday.

This is the third significant decrease in the number of Polish citizens in a row, although this time it was smaller than in the previous two half-years – in the first half of last year their number decreased by a record 85 thousand, and in the second half – by another 77 thousand.

Since 2004, when Poland entered the EU and the United Kingdom opened its labor market, the number of Polish citizens in this country continued to increase until 2016, and then slightly decreased, but at the end of 2017 it reached a record – ONS estimated that there was they were then 1.021 million. Since then, a reverse trend has started, with a significant decrease between the middle and the end of 2018 – by 80 thousand, then in 2019 the number stabilized at the level of approx. 900 thousand, and in 2020 again significantly fell. Currently, the number of Polish citizens in Great Britain has almost exactly returned to the level from the end of 2011, when the ONS estimated it at 698,000.

A similar trend is in the statistics of people born in Poland. As of mid-2021, their number was 682,000, i.e. by 9,000. less than at the end of 2020 and by 64 thousand. less than the year before. However, compared to the peak moment at the end of 2017, it has already decreased by 240 thousand. The number of people with Polish citizenship is greater than those born in Poland, because the former includes children of Polish citizens who were already born on the territory of Great Britain. In the second one, there are also Poles who acquired British citizenship, but this is a clear minority. At the same time, decreases from the first half of 2021 – Polish citizens by 42 thousand, and people born in Poland by 9 thousand. – indicate that relatively many people adopted British citizenship during this period.

Polish citizens remain by far the largest group of foreigners living in Great Britain. Their number – 696 thousand. – it is almost twice as large as the second-third place citizens of India and Ireland – 370,000 each. Next are the citizens of Italy and Romania.

In turn, among the residents of Great Britain born abroad, people born in Poland – 682 thousand. – were in second place. There were only more people born in India – 896 thousand, while in places 3-5 there were people born in Pakistan, Ireland and Germany.

The decrease in the number of Poles in Great Britain is in line with the wider trend of the outflow of EU citizens from that country. The ONS estimates that in mid-2021, there were 3.408 million citizens of the EU countries in Great Britain – by 90 thousand. less than half a year earlier and by 405 thousand. less than at the end of 2017, which was the peak moment. As for UK residents born in EU countries, the ONS estimates their number in mid-2021 at 3.511 million, which is a decrease by 26 thousand. in six months and by 194 thousand. compared to the peak moment in 2017

In total, the ONS estimates that 9.6 million foreign-born and 6.0 million non-British-born people lived in the UK in mid-2021 (the two groups largely overlap). Currently, the ONS estimates the country’s population at 67.1 million.

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