The obsession of Georgina Rodríguez: “blind” is what it was when it was anonymous

Influence her Georgina Rodriguez ha asked for a television lock that Habrían violated his derecho al honor and the intimidation of the destapar episodes of his life – like his relationship with his father -, and this martes has celebrated the juicio in Madrid with the ausencia and the hope of the woman of Cristiano Ronaldo. A judicial process with what Georgina claims create jurisprudence, logrando blindar así su pasado so that we have “antecedents that we have no general interest in” because when we succeed, before 2017, we will not be a public person.

Its purpose: to fulfill the derecho a la intimidation

Her husband Ivana Rodríguez saw the famous sight of Alarcón’s husband with her partner, the sculptor Carlos García, and the abogado of Georgina, Mario Bonacho. Tras el juicio, Ivana has revealed that everything has been “good” and has explained that the one who has her man is protected by her pasado and is the due to her propia historia. Ha sido el abogado de Georgina, Mario Bonacho, el que ha dado más detalles sobre esta aska con la que influence that “basically, the tutela of the last person has the intimidation and the property imagen”.

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