The Office, John Krasinski’s children don’t believe he’s an actor: it’s the sitcom’s fault!

Despite John Krasinski is one of the best known stars in Hollywood, his children do not think the same way and do not believe that he is an actor. It was Krasinski himself who told it during his participation in the Stephen Colbert show, a week after the episode in which his wife, Emily Blunt, participated.

Colbert asked the actor if his children had seen The Office, and the affirmative answer opened up a much more complex discussion.
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s children are eight and six years old respectively, and they recently watched the first episode of the series refusing to believe that the actor who plays Jim is really their father, despite admitting a certain resemblance.

The Career of John Krasinski it hasn’t helped him so far, because many of the latest films he has made are not suitable for children – find the review of A Quiet Place 2 on Everyeye – and the actor has admitted that Emily Blunt with Mary Poppins Returns was much more lucky.
One day his kids saw a fan tell Krasinski that they’ve known him since The Office and his children interpreted those words a little differently. Krasinski said the kids believe the person knew him from his days in office.
So, is John Krasinski an actor or an accountant? The doubt at Krasinski/Blunt continues.

If you are convinced that John Krasinski is an actor find out how The Office changed the world of American sitcoms.

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