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How many victims have been caused so far by the war in Ukraine, between Russian soldiers and Ukrainian civilians

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Since the invasion of the Russian army, the war in Ukraine it shows no sign of stopping and deaths and injuries continue to be registered. However, it is not easy to ascertain the actual number of losses in terms of human lives, and communication is not always punctual and precise. Especially from the Russian front, information is scarce and only on February 27, for the first time, did the Ministry of Defense admit that there were “dead and wounded” among the Russian ranks.

Ukrainian war, how many are the Russian casualties

In a statement, the Moscow Defense Ministry announced: “Our losses are much less than those of nationalists and military personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces”.

The Spokesperson of the Russian Defense, Igor Konashenkov he declared on TV: “Russian soldiers show courage and heroism in combat during the special military operation. Unfortunately, there are dead and wounded among our fellow soldiers “.

According to what has been announced by the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense, the Russian victims are about 4,300 soldiers and 146 tanks since the invasion began. The planes shot down are 27, while the helicopters are 26.


Ukrainian war, how many are the Ukrainian victims

The death toll in Ukraine is equally unclear. According to the United Nations, they have died since the invasion began 64 civilianswhile 240 were injured, but the total could be much higher.

To the BBC Lyudmyla Denysova, the Ombudsman of the Kiev government, reported that beyond 210 civilians Ukrainians have been killed and more than 1,100 have been injured since Thursday.

Data still different than those provided by the Ministry of Health of Kiev, according to which the civilians killed would be 352including 14 children, while the injured are 1,684, including 116 children.

According to Igor Konashenkov, 1067 Ukrainian military structures have been attacked since the start of the operation, while 38 anti-aircraft defense systems and 56 radar stations have been destroyed.


An explosion in Kiev

Ukrainian War, the site to identify Russian casualties

In order to facilitate the recognition and identification of Russian victims and prisoners in Ukraine, a special site has been set up by the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior,

The site reads: “This site was created by representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. On it you will find information about Russian soldiers captured and killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the occupation. Here we will promptly publish photos and videos that we will receive from the battlefield ”.

“If your relatives or friends are in Ukraine – reads the introductory text – and participate in the war against our people, here you can get information about their fate. Unfortunately, it is difficult to identify many of the people killed ”.

Ukraine and Russia, where is the hot front of the war and which are the areas affected by the Russian attacks

Photo source: ANSA

Ukraine and Russia, where is the hot front of the war and which are the areas affected by the Russian attacks

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