the official note from the team closes the case

After a World Championship started very well, better than any expectation, but which took the path of competition too soon, after the many mistakes made at the wall, and some also on the track, which compromised the season and in the aftermath of the mockery of Singapore, with the success of Perez remained sub judice for hours and then confirmed despite the 5 second penalty inflicted on the Mexican of the Red Bullin home Ferrari also check the mystery of the alleged hacker attack.

Ferrari passion Monday: from Singapore mockery to hacker fear

The day after the Marina Bay GP, in the week leading up to the return of the Japanese GPafter three years of absence due to the Coronavirus pandemic, where Max Verstappen could be crowned world champion well in advance, was dominated by the case of the alleged hacker attack by RansomEXX hackers, suspected of being the authors of a ransomware, that is one of the most aggressive cyber attacks, since it is a malware that allows access to company data, encrypt it and block all access systems until a “ransom” is paid.

Ferrari and the fear of ransomware: over 7 Gb of data at risk

The “heist” had been claimed by cybergang RansomEXX through a Sunday night post on her own data leak sitein which they had been disseminated over 7 Gb of data, publicly downloadable and also including repair manuals and datasheets, which were allegedly stolen from Ferrari’s servers. The news of the attack, given by the Red Hot Cyber ​​website, was deepened by Ferrari, not new to such attacks, which however in the past had hit suppliers and not directly the company’s IT structures.

Alleged hacker attack: Ferrari’s official denial note

Already in the late afternoon of Monday, however, the Maranello team issued one soothing note, in which it is announced that there is no evidence of an attack on the systems: “Ferrari is aware that some media have indicated that there has been a dissemination of information owned by Ferrari itself and that some documents are available online – the press release reads – Ferrari has no evidence of a breach of its systems or ransomware and reports that there have been no interruptions to operational activities. The company is working to identify the origin of the event and will implement all the necessary initiatives “.

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