The official portrait of Kate and William with a tribute to Lady D

Kate and William pose happily in their first official portrait. Smiling and close in an embrace, they look away. The work, unveiled today in the rooms of the Fitzwilliam Museum of the University of Cambridge in the presence of the dukes, is signed by the artist Jamie Coreth. Making this work was “the most extraordinary privilege” of his life, said the painter, who in the painting also paid homage to the city of Cambridge, both in the colors, which recall the historic buildings of the city, and in both the architecture and is the background, typical of the place.

To commission the work, the Cambridgeshire Royal Portrait Fund as a gift for the inhabitants of the county and as an encouragement for young people and children to get closer to the arts. “As a first portrait of the couple together and specifically in their role as Duke and Cambridge, I wanted to create an image that evoked a feeling of balance between their public and real life,” added the artist.

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However, to attract all the attention of the viewer, he thinks for himself Kate Middleton’s lurex dress, signed by The Vampire’s Wife, a brand founded by former model Susie Cave and has become a favorite of celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Kate Moss or Sienna Miller. The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing this same green dress on a state visit to Ireland in March 2020, the last one before the lockdown.

The model chosen by Kate bears the name of Falconetti and is characterized by a boat neckline and three-quarter sleeves: the silhouette falls soft on the body after being tightened at the waist, emphasizing the shapes without excessively marking them. The color chosen by the Duchess is a shade of brilliant emerald green, whose brightness is amplified by the metallic fabric, which is very reminiscent of the dress recently worn by the Duchess visiting Belize but in shades of pink (and also signed by Nick’s wife Cave). No Alexander McQueen or Catherine Walker, therefore, but a very bold choice, a brand with a romantic allure with a gothic twist that will surely be appreciated by the public and fashion lovers. Turning to shoes, Kate opted for a pair of classics Manolo Blahnik and in particular for a model well known to the general public, who will remember him at Carrie Bradshaw’s feet on her wedding day. The original accessories for the occasion have been replaced by two jewels full of meaning, namely the Queen Elizabeth’s Cambridge Pearl Pendant brooch And Lady Diana’s pearl bracelet with Collingwood pearl earrings, always belonged to the Princess of Wales.

The painting therefore becomes part of the permanent collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum today, even if in 2023 it will be temporarily loaned to the National Gallery on the occasion of its reopening. After unveiling, the Day of the Dukes of Cambridge continued in celebration and the two attended the first Cambridgeshire County Day. The couple met with over 100 exhibitors from the county’s businesses, charities, communities and public sectors, with who stopped to chat and spend the afternoon.

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