The official season 2 trailer takes us back to the ruthless world of investing

In the new episodes, arriving in the United States on August 1, also stars the former Transparent star Jay Duplass.

Back in the US – on HBO starting August 1st – Industry, a financial drama still unpublished in Italy that tells the world of work from the point of view of some young graduates struggling with their first work experience, even in the difficult financial sector. here is the official trailer of the second season where we will also see the new entry Jay Duplass.

The plot of Industry

Written by rookies Konrad Kay And Mickey Down and produced by the former star and creator of Girls Lena Dunham, Industry follows a group of young graduates struggling to secure a stable working future. They are in their twenties competing for the few places available in one of London’s top investment banks, Pierpoint, where the lines between work, friendship, love and rivalry are becoming increasingly blurred in a corporate culture defined by business. and dividends as much as from sex, drugs and ego.

The advances of the second season

The second season is set a year after the peak of the pandemic, with recent graduates as protagonists who are no longer such and who, with the market rising, have a greater workload. “Now Harper (Myha’la Herrold), Yasmin (Marisa Abela) and Robert (Harry Lawtey) must lead new business and forge new alliances both in and out of the office as Pierpoint and his junior bankers try to reap every advantage in a post-Covid world, “reads the official description of the new episodes. And as if things don’t were complicated enough for young traders, Pierpoint executives announce that the London or New York office will be merged into the other.

Jay Duplass’s character

The trailer also introduces Jesse Bloom, a new character played by the former star of Transparent Jay Duplass; Jesse is a respectable hedge fund manager who has just arrived in the UK from the US. We hear him say to Harper, “I don’t care about people commenting on the direction of the wind. I would much rather you could do it.”

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