The official trailer for season 3 delves into the new mystery of Cassie and Jenny

The new season of the crime TV series on air in the United States from 21 September.

A new mystery will test Cassie and Jenny’s Kylie Bunbury And Katheryn Winnickas well as the new Sheriff Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles), in the third season of the crime drama Big Skyof which the American ABC released the official trailer awaiting the debut on 21 September (in Italy soon on Disney +). At the center of this intricate and dangerous story we will find the charismatic Sunny Barnes, played by the new addition to the cast Reba McEntire.

Big Sky: The plot and the new characters of season 3

We are still in Montana. When an excursion to a remote local area led by Barnes, the fickle matriarch of a family who successfully sets up outdoor spaces, goes wrong, the trio find themselves facing the most intricate mystery they have ever dealt with, in which no camper deserves trust and danger lurks behind every jagged rock and gnarled tree.

McEntire is just one of many new faces in season 3. Among others, Luke Mitchell (Blindspot) will play Cormac, Barnes’ charming son; Seth Gabel (Salem) will be Walter, a recluse who lives in a cabin in the Montana desert; Henry Ian Cusick (Lost) will play as Avery, an entrepreneur who books a place for himself and his stepdaughter on the Barnes excursion; while Rosanna Arquette (About Brian) landed the role of Gigi, Jenny’s mother, a con artist.

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