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The trailer for the movie Murder Mystery 2 on YouTube

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Watch here the Official trailer of the movie Murder Mystery 2 published by Netflix Italy on YouTube. Murder Mystery 2 streaming from 31 March 2023.

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are the protagonists of the sequel to the film Murder Mystery, Murder Mystery 2. The film will arrive on the platform on March 31, and on January 30 the official trailer was released. Find out all about the movie Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix here.

Murder Mystery 2 official trailer

Murder Mystery 2 plot

Four years after solving their first murder case, Nick and Audrey Spitz have become full-time detectives but are struggling to start their own detective agency. When they are invited to celebrate their friend’s wedding on his private island, they find themselves immersed in a new mystery… As soon as the party begins, someone kidnaps the groom for ransom and all the elegant guests, family members and the same bride become possible suspects. MURDER MYSTERY 2 involves Nick and Audrey Spitz in a case that raises the stakes and finally gives these two detectives the opportunity to achieve everything they have always dreamed of: the success of their agency and the long-awaited trip to Paris.

Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix

Murder Mystery will be available on Netflix from the March 31, 2023. If you are wondering how much does Netflix cost and the prices to watch TV series and movies in streaming on the famous platform, we invite you to read our article: Netflix subscription prices.

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