The official trailer of the new hilarious comedy from the creator of Modern Family

The series, which makes irony about the widespread practice of bringing old TV series back to life with remakes and experiments of various kinds, will debut in the United States Hulu on September 20.

If you are a fan of meta-television experiments, you can’t miss it Reboota new series that bears the signature of the award-winning co-creator of Modern Family Steven Levitan and which will debut in streaming on Hulu in the United States on September 20 (in Italy it will presumably arrive on Disney + subsequently). Here’s the hilarious official trailer released by the streaming video service and everything you need to know about the plot It is on cast.

The plot of Reboot

Rebootof which Levitan is the creator, writer, showrunner and executive producer along with Danielle Stokdyk And Jeff Morton, practically scoffs at the practice, increasingly widespread on TV, of ordering remakes, sequels or reboots – in fact – of successful TV series of the past. Levitan’s series imagines that Hulu – the host – orders the reboot of an early 2000s family sitcom titled Step Right Up. At that point, “the dysfunctional cast is forced to get back together and tackle unsolved problems in a rapidly changing world,” reads the short official synopsis.

Reboot – which the creator called “my love letter to sitcoms and the therapy I needed” – he doesn’t mind making fun of today’s television world analyzed from the point of view of those who have lived through all the latest changes the television industry (since the advent of streaming and binge-watching to what some call “the dictatorship of politically correct“). In the trailer we see, among others, Paul Reiser who plays Gordon, the narcissist creator of the old sitcom who now has to approach the new “rules” of Hollywood like inclusivity in the writers’ room. When he sees the heterogeneous authors lined up he asks, “Is this one of those diversity training seminars for interns?”

The cast and characters

They also act in the series Judy Greerwho plays a former rural Virginia beauty queen who became a sitcom star and then left showbiz to marry a duke; Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peel) as Reed Sterling, a Yale acting school graduate who believes the sitcom Step Right Up ruined his career; Johnny Knoxville (Mainstream) as Clay Barber, an irreverent comedian with dirty jokes who had only managed to get a real job thanks to Step Right Up; Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) who is Hannah, a quick-witted young TV writer called to make the old sitcom more modern; Calum Worthy (The Act, American Vandal) as Zack, a former child actor who never grew up; Krista Marie Yufinally, in the role of Elaine, a girl who worked in the world of technology and who, when she is involved in the reboot of Step Right Upis outside its comfort zone.

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