The offset is request legal daughter to have a name currently

Kiari Kendrell Cephusknown as the Offset that was requested well that the daughter Kaleafour years, as the fruit of a previous relationship with Nicole Algarinnote his nickname.

Currentlythe name of the girl Kalea Marie Algarinand the rapper wants that little and the name of the father, passing the call Kalea Marie Algarin Cephus.

In addition, the rapper, 28 years old, and who the father is Cultureyear, relationship with KARDi B, little Jordan, nine, and Codesfive, from previous relationships – also ask for custody in total Kalea.

It should be noted that in Oct last year, Nicole, nicknamed Shya L’amour – filed documents in court to demand alimony from the father of her daughter.

Although the Offset has insisted that they had to pay a sum of money to help with the expenses of the girls, the documents claimed that the rapper just “provide limited financial support for education Kalea.

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