The old lire has increased in value, that’s how much you can earn

The Lira was ousted byEUR in the far 2002 but still twenty years later, many Italians praise it and would certainly prefer it as a currency over the current one. The Lira has always been one of the most popular coins, perhaps because linked to our childhood memories as a pocket money, a simple tip; or again, a beautiful evening spent in company with only 10 thousand lire.

Who doesn’t have lire in the house? More or less all of them, hidden among some old wallet, ours or our parents; or in the grandparents’ house! Our homes have never stopped hiding them somewhere. at the entry of the Euro in fact, many people decided to keep some specimens. Who for collection, who for memory, who so much for!

Now after several years, these people could find themselves facilitated by this small gesture made then with a light mind. The value of the old lire in fact rises more and more and without knowing it, you too could be in possession of a fortune or even just a little treasure.

The value of the old lire:

Some specimens like The 5 lire of 1946 representing the return to life after the war, or 1 lira of 1947 or The 10 lire of 1947, also denominated as the lire of the recovery, they can be worth around 1200/1500 Euro today. It all depends on whether they are in a damaged or uncirculated state; expression that identifies the perfect maintenance of the conditions.

Other coins of great value are still: The 2 lire of 1947 depicted with an ear of corn and the farmer who is plowing the land (1800 Euro) The 50 lire of 1958 on which there is depicted the naked God Vulcan beating the metal on the anvil; these in particular are very rare and can even reach 2000 Euros. Or finally the The 200 lire of 1977, those in particular, can be worth up to 800 Euros, in the case in which the writing “proof” is shown on the front.

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