“The only Crown I want is to of Mexico”: the Wife of Tom Hanks on coronavirus | TRIBUNE

United States.- Since last Wednesday the actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are isolated in Australia after giving a positive test coronavirus.

However, both Tom and Rita have taken this condition in the best way possible, and also to inform their fans that continue to take all measures necessary to recover, which has surprised her with one of his messages in Twitter is Wilson.

Through the well-known social network, the also actress, singer and producer said:

From here on out, the only Crown that I want is from Mexico and you drink”.

The joke was received and applauded by its followers in social networks, who in addition wish you speedy recovery, have not stopped sharing pictures of mexican beer.

In addition, the brewing company said that once you improve, send them a message and they can “make it happen”.

This note includes information of:
Agency Mexico


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