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A fan of crime series, he was inspired by ‘Only Murders in the Building’, with Selena Gomez, to build a new romance

Jô Soares was still in full swing. Even away from television, and with theater projects paralyzed during the Covid-19 pandemic, the comedian was developing his fifth detective novel. Without a defined title, the new work would narrate the murders in a building in the city of São Paulo. The author was inspired by the series “Only Murders in the Building”, shown by the streaming service Star Plus.

The writer and comedian Jô Soares dies at the age of 84

In the work, three residents of a building in New York follow a police podcast and decide to produce their own project when a man is murdered in the building. The trio, formed by actors Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez, investigate the case and end up involved as suspects in the murder.

A fan of detective stories, the author had already shown interest in adapting the Danish-Swedish series “The Bridge” to the Brazilian universe. In the work, a woman is found dead in the middle of the bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark, and the two countries must share the investigation into the murder. In Brazil, the story would take place on the Rio-Niterói bridge.

Jô wrote titles that became popular in the detective novel market, among them “O Xangô de Baker Street”, from 1995, “O Homem que Matou Getúlio Vargas”, from 1998, “Assassinato na Academia Brasileira de Letras”, from 2005, and “As Esganadas”, from 2011.

The artist also wrote titles such as “O Astronauta sem Regime”, from 1983, “Humor nos Tempos do Collor”, from 1992, and “The Cup that Nobody saw and the one we don’t want to remember”, from 1994, dedicated to humor, in addition to of the two volumes of his memoirs, “O Livro de Jô”, released in 2017 and 2018.


Politicians and celebrities mourn the death of Jô Soares


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