The Outer Worlds Is Developed by a Team of 70-80 People

The Outer Worlds

According to what was revealed by Kotaku, the development team responsible for the creation of The Outer Worlds is composed of 70-80 people: what does the rest of Obsidian Entertainment do?

The Outer Worlds, the new RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, is developed by a team of 70-80 people, according to a recent podcast by Kotaku. 

The game, released on October 25 in the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, in the latter case free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, will try to offer Fallout fans an experience close to what they have always appreciated. 

The point is, however, that the staff of Obsidian Entertainment has about 200 people: what is the rest of the team doing? There are certain projects in the pipeline not yet announced.

The acquisition of the study by Microsoft implies that the new games in progress will probably be exclusive for Windows 10 and Xbox One, but we will have to wait to understand what it is.

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