The PC cheats are playing on the nerves of the Xbox players; crossplay under fire

January 12, 2022, 12:45 pm

Xbox owners tend to play games with computer users. Halo Infinite and Call of Duty: Warzone fans will not stand a chance against PC cheaters. Microsoft is breaking its promise from years ago by not giving console players the option to turn off cross-play.

The frustration of players has been growing noticeably recently Hello and Call of Duty: Warzone on Xbox consoles, caused by the inability to turn off the crossplay game for computer users. In comments on Reddit and in topics on the Halo forum, Internet users express their dissatisfaction with this fact. Apart from the obvious differences in gameplay on the pad and keyboard, the experience of many people is negatively affected by the numerous cheat programs available on the PC. The assumption of crossplay was the integration of users of different platforms, which after some time turned into a great reluctance. Although Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, promised in 2016 that this would not happen, the reality is completely different. Interestingly, many PC fans say that in FPS games, console players have the advantage because of the targeting aid they can use.

In March 2016, in an interview with Gamespot, Spencer said:

I will never force someone who plays our games with a controller or with a mouse and keyboard to play against whom? with a different control system. The mouse and keyboard are faster than the pad ?? we know you were lost.

Six years later, this statement does not apply to all titles. You can see it on an example Call of Duty: Warzone, where Xbox owners are unable to continue the game after turning off the crossplay option (unlike PlayStation users). The situation is similar with Hello Infinite.

The PC cheats are playing on the nerves of the Xbox players;  crossplay under fire - illustration # 1

There is an option, but what is that option if you can’t play through it …

Microsoft has long been a big supporter of crossplay and has spoken about it openly. The company wanted to make it possible for friends who share platforms to play games together. This solution was implemented with great pomp, but, as is the case with innovations, neither the creators nor the users were able to predict all the problems that could arise from it.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s article about the idea of ​​a universal ban list for PC and consoles of various companies, the head of Xbox is working on eliminating the problem of cheaters on various platforms. This can be considered a peculiar solution, because if the violating regulations are completely cut off from the game, it will not cause trouble to anyone. However, you can’t ban everyone, and the differences in gameplay will still exist. Gamers want simple methods, especially as Sony can provide them.

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