The pensioner lost PLN 1,200 a month on the Polish Lada. This is why it won’t get the alignment

Pan Tadeusz, a former university lecturer, pensioner with 47 years of work experience, will lose over PLN 800 a month in the Polish Lada, i.e. PLN 9.6 thousand. PLN per year. His pension from ZUS is over 16 thousand. PLN gross.

I decided not to retire as long as I was healthy and able to work. I must admit that I was also persuaded by politicians’ promises that the longer someone works, the higher their pension will be. Now it turns out that I was naive and today for this longer work the same politicians who promised me more money are simply robbing me – says “Wyborcza”.

Another pensioner, she lost 1.2 thousand. PLN gross monthly. She proved in ZUS over 61 years of contributions after many years of work for a salary twice above the national average. Her pension exceeds 22,000. zloty. – Of course, someone can say that this is a lot and no harm is happening to me. But I didn’t steal this money, I just earned it. So why is the government taking away my property from me? What about acquired rights? Do we live in a state of law or lawlessness – asks a pensioner, quoted by the journal.


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Patching up the Polish Order. Relief for pensioners

The government is introducing a relief for pensioners whose benefits amount to 12.8 thousand. PLN gross. They assure that they will not lose on the Polish Lada. “Wyborcza” calculates that the relief will not apply to 457 people whose pensions exceed this threshold every month.


Introducing a solution that will make pensioners lose the Polish Lada is a breach of the principle of trust in the state. It is not important whether it will be 4 thousand. or 400 people. The legislator cannot receive benefits earned regardless of whether it is in the form of an additional tax, contribution or other public levy – says Dr. Antoni Kolek, head of the Pension Institute, in an interview with the daily.

We write more about why the government will not give back to all retirees what the Polish Deal takes from them in


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