the people of Gallura win a nice derby

After more than six years of waiting, the Northern Sardinia derby is back, valid for the first round of the Serie C Italian Cup.

by the correspondent Francesco Aresu

At the end of a race full of pathos and emotions, it is the hosts who pass the round after a strong performance by both teams. Goals from Sueva and Zanchetta decide, recovering the initial goal of an excellent Scappini: now head to the championship, with Olbia hosting Fiorenzuola on Sunday, while Torres will fly to Lucca to challenge the Tuscan Rossoneri.

TRIPLE WHISTLE OF UBALDI! IT ENDS HERE AT NESPOLI! The Coppa Italia derby is won by Olbia!

95 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW TO BELLODI, who stops Luppi on the short side of the Olbiese area. Last prayer for Torres, also saved in the area.

94 ′ – Restart of Olbia, Saved anticipates Biancu and raises to Ruocco, but Van der Want blocks on the ground.

ninety two’ – He tries to free himself from the Boganini shot, but his southpaw from the edge ends up on Dametto.

91 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW FOR VAN DER WANTguilty of having wasted time on the raise from the bottom.

90 ′ – ⏱️ 5 minutes of recovery

89 ′ – GOODNESS BLOWS THE EQUAL! Perfect corner of Gianola for the gore of the number 30, high ball of very little!

87 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW FOR BABBI who first succeeds in ending up offside on a free-kick in favor, then is cautioned for delaying the restart of the game.

85 ′ – The Torres accelerates, but the Olbian rearguard is keeping a good watch on the Rossoblù attempts.

84 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW FOR TRAVAGLINIwhich foully stops Ruocco’s restart.

81 ′ – Babbi remains on the ground, with a bit of nervousness between Ubaldi and the members of the home bench, he starts again with a free kick for Biancu.

78 ′ – Now Torres tries to accelerate, with Olbia trying to put the game to sleep.

76 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW FOR ZANCHETTA, guilty of hindering the resumption of the game.

75 ′ – OLBIA OPPORTUNITY: Biancu’s nice serpentine, who earns a good free kick, high ball just over the crossbar.

72 ′WASTES WASTES! Usual show of Ruocco that puts in half defense from Olbia, a valuable touch for the left-handed from an excellent position of the former Modena who, however, shoots in the curve.

70 ′ – 🟨 Harsh intervention by BIANCU on Masala, ball for Luppi’s right.

69 ′ – Another corner for Torres, after Van der Want’s touch on Gianola’s corner.

67 ′ – 🔄 DOUBLE TORRES REPLACEMENT: outside Suciu and Heinz, inside Masala and Ferrante.

66 ′ – 🔄 DOUBLE REPLACEMENT OLBIA: outside Ragatzu and Contini, inside Biancu and Boganini.

64 ′ – Nice advance from Heinz on Ragatzu, while Contini returns after almost three minutes.

62 ′ – Another double change is being prepared for Olbia, with Biancu and Boganini ready to enter.

60 ′ – What a risk for Torres! Wrong lightening of Gianola for Saved who was about to be anticipated by Contini, who then remains on the ground for cramps.

59 ′ – 🔄 OLBIA REPLACEMENT: outside Sueva, inside Babbi.

57 ′ – Torres tries to play games on Diakite, but the number 11 is never served properly.

55 ′ – Nice duel on the left between Ruocco and Brignani, in the end both get what they wanted: the corner.

53 ′ – 🔄 OLBIA REPLACEMENT: outside Renault, inside Gabrieli.

53 ′ – 🔄 DOUBLE TORRES REPLACEMENT: outside R. Pinna and Scappini, inside Dametto and Luppi.

51 ′ – 🧤 SAVED! Great intervention by the rossoblù goalkeeper on Sueva’s powerful right, freed by a half veil of Occhioni.

49 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW TO RENAULT, that stops Ruocco in midfield.

48 ′WHAT SUEVA WASTE! Incredible mistake of the number 79 who does not take advantage of a 3 against 1 counterattack, not serving Contini in the open field and then stretching the ball.

47 ′DECISIVE RENAULT! Saving on the line of home number 2 on the right of Bonavolontà, who had anticipated Travaglini on the corner.

47 ′TORRES OPPORTUNITY: Ruocco’s cross, Scappini’s heel hitting Bellodi who almost mocked Van der Want.

46 ′ – Vat the resumption!

46 ′ – 🔄 OLBIA REPLACEMENT: Uncertain outside, Occhioni inside.

46 ′ – 🔄 TORRES REPLACEMENT: outside Sanat, inside Ruocco.

22.00 – The two teams return to the field.

DOUBLE WHO OF UBALDI: a great first half ends 2-1 to Bruno Nespoli, with Olbia in the lead after Scappini’s initial goal that had broken the balance, Sueva and Zanchetta the home side’s goals. See you soon with the story of a fiery cup derby!

47 ′ – Beautiful defensive reading by Travaglini on a Heinz in clear difficulty.

45 ′ – ⏱️ 2 minutes of recovery

42 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW FOR GIANOLApunished for a late surgery on La Rosa’s ankle.

41 ′ – 🧤 VAN DER WANT! Great intervention by the Dutch goalkeeper, who says no to the left-handed of Bonavolontà served to perfection by a fine touch of the outside of Scappini.

38 ′ – Olbia seems to have been transformed, which after having suffered the slap of the advantage signed by Scappini has turned on, grinding the game and scoring chances.

Double for the hosts who overturn the match! Great action orchestrated by Zanchetta and Ragatzu, touch to free the cut of the Quartese attacker who puts it back in the middle for the touch in front of the goal of the number 15 that makes the Curva Mare explode.


32 ′TORRES OPPORTUNITY: the derby of the Cup turns on more and more, free kick for Torres. Gianola serves Scappini who heads ahead of Bellodi, but the ball ends up high.

Deserved draw for Occhiuzzi’s team, with the Italian-dominican striker who takes advantage of a mistake by Heinz and overcomes with the right plate Saved at the exit.

29 ′ – ⚽ GOOOOOOL OF OLBIA !!!! SUEVA !!!!!!

27 ′OCCASION OLBIA: Ragatzu’s corner towards Bellodi who puts him back in the middle towards Brignani who jumps with his head to the center of the area and puts a little high.

25 ′ – Olbia still forward, with a free-kick from 40 meters countered by the defense: the ball then reaches Ragatzu on the right who puts it in the middle but Antonelli puts it in a corner.

21 ‘ – OLBIA OPPORTUNITY: punishment on the trocar for the whites, the host defense replies and Zanchetta explodes the right foot from the edge that ends just high on the crossbar of Saved.

20 ′ – 🟨 Another small turmoil in the field between Ragatzu and Riccardo Pinna, both booked.

19 ‘ – OLBIA OPPORTUNITY: insidious free-kick from 30 meters by Zanchetta direct in goal, Saved is good at removing it from the intersection of the posts and putting in a corner.

17 ′ – Sueva escapes Antonelli, the first dangerous kick for the home team: he beats Contini, rejects Scappini.

15 ′ – New corner kick for Greco’s team, so far more proactive: he beats Gianola for Diakite, who however jumps foully on Travaglini.

14 ‘ – Another kick placed in a dangerous area for Torres: on the ball the usual Sanat and Gianola: he beats the first towards Heinz, drives Uncertain with his head.

12 ′ – First turmoil in the field, protagonists the two captains Antonelli and La Rosa, but some protests also between the two benches, with Ubaldi having to make peace not without difficulty.

The visiting team immediately took the lead with the second consecutive goal, including the championship, by the former Reggiana center-forward, able to hit back a loose ball in the white area after Heinz’s shot.


9 ′ – First corner kick of the match in favor of the guests, with Sanat taking care of the serve.

8 ′ – Very British direction up to now of Mr. Ubaldi of Rome 1, who is playing by tolerating the physicality of some clashes in midfield.

6 ′ – Great atmosphere at Bruno Nespoli, with the two fans who continue to sing non-stop from 1 ‘.

4 ′ – Try to make Olbia dangerous on the Zanchetta-Contini axis, but the former Juventus player’s touch is too long.

2′ – Immediately great intensity on the pitch: 4-3-1-2 on mirror, with Ragatzu and Sanat acting behind their respective attacking couples.

1 ′ Parties! Olbia that attacks from left to right with respect to the central grandstand.

20.55 – Enter the two teams! Olbia in white suit, Torres in red and blue.

20.52 – The members of the two benches enter, while the two teams are still in the tunnel that leads from the changing rooms to the pitch.

20.50 – Impressive the deployment of law enforcement agencies to try to minimize contacts between the two opposing supporters: for now, except for a few firecrackers, everything seems to have remained within the limits.

20.40 – Teams returned to the locker room after the warm-up, while the fans of the two teams continue to flock to the two corners.


OLBIA: Van der Want, Renault, Bellodi, Brignani, Travaglini, Incerti, La Rosa, Zanchetta, Ragatzu, Contini, Sueva. Available: Gelmi, Di Giorgio, Gabrieli, Emerson, Sanna, Occhioni, Biancu, Glino, Finocchi, Konig, Babbi, Boganini, Nanni. Annex. Eyes

TORRES: Saved, Heinz, Antonelli, R. Pinna, Girgi, Bonavolontà, GIanola, Suciu, Sanat, Diakité, Scappini. Available: Garau, Carboni, Dametto, Masala, Liviero, Ruocco, Tesio, Ferrante, S.Pinna, Carminati, Teyou, Campagna, Luppi. Annex. Greek

Referee: Ubaldi of Rome 1

20.00 – Friends of Centotrentuno welcome back to the Bruno Nespoli stadium in Olbia, where the derby between Roberto Occhiuzzi’s Gallura side and Alfonso Greco’s rossoblù will be staged.


Van der Want, Renault (53 ‘Gabrieli), Bellodi, Brignani, Travaglini, Incerti (46’ Occhioni), La Rosa, Zanchetta, Ragatzu (66 ‘Boganini), Contini (66’ Biancu), Sueva (59 ‘Babbi)

Saved, Heinz (67 ‘Ferrante), Antonelli, R. Pinna (53’ Dametto), Girgi, Bonavolontà, Gianola, Suciu (67 ‘Masala), Sanat (46’ Ruocco), Diakité, Scappini (53 ‘Luppi).

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