the perfect makeup for hot weather

This makeup trend proves that beauty is still valid even when the thermometer is racing.

The high heat of this summer may have gotten the better of your makeup brushes. Beauty blender and other accessories have they remained in the closet? If the choice was made to offer a detox to the skin, we salute it and that’s good. If, however, it was decided because of the temperatures worthy of Dante’s Inferno, it means that you have not had the opportunity to test the summer glam makeup.

This makeup trend is not new, it even revisits the soft glam makeup that was all the rage in 2020. The principle is simple, get rid of contouring techniques and other ultra-sharp makeup practices in favor of an elegant look, discreet, ultra glowy and fresh that does not suffocate the skin.

Simplified beauty

As you will have understood, staying cool even under forty degrees is possible. Beyond in&out hydration (very important on a daily basis, it is even more so in the event of a heat wave), beauty treatment in hot weather is very important and the summer glam makeup trend makes it even easier to master.

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