The Perseverance rover found a “cat” on Mars

Between insects, secret doors and cats, NASA’s Perseverance rover is observing so many things on Mars, too bad that all these discoveries are actually (obviously!) The fruit of the imagination of web users. As we all know the internet world loves cats to the point of seeing them everywhere … even on an inhospitable planet.

Currently Perseverance is studying an ancient river delta that billions of years ago contained – most likely – liquid water inside the Jezero crater (which you can 3D print). The rover is analyzing the rocks and collecting samples that will be returned to Earth over the next decade and, according to the latest news, it may have found traces of life.

The last image of the week publicly from the rover was widely seen on the web thanks to his particular feline forms. It has been described online as a “cat statue” due to the position that cats take when these creatures relax. The left side of the rock is the head in this interpretation.

Obviously the fruit of this “collective vision” is given by pareidolia, a real illusion that tends to bring randomly shaped objects or profiles back to known shapes. You can see, as always, the image taken by the rover at the bottom of the news but unfortunately for you don’t expect cute Martian hairballs, just rock.

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