the phone call to free the 30-year-old, the shadow of negotiations

Luigi Di Maio telephones the Iranian Foreign Minister: the goal is to free Alessia Piperno, in the background the shadow of a negotiation

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Alessia Piperno is still in prison in Iran. The Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, has already initiated the first contacts with the Tehran counterpart, Hossein Amirabdollahian, with the aim of accelerating the release of the 30-year-old travel blogger from Rome. The content of the phone call.

Di Maio calls the Iranian minister

According to sources cited by Ansa, Luigi Di Maio’s phone call to the Iranian foreign minister would have one double valence.

The first is to have raised the issue of the incarceration of Alessia Piperno, while the second would consist in yet another step of a hidden work – and without media hype – activated for days by the Farnesina to get released.

Alessia Piperno’s family

A low-profile carried on also by Alessia Piperno’s family, which closed in silence to protect the prisoner and facilitate those committed to her return home.

The 30-year-old has been in prison for over a week: according to some local media, she was arrested during the repression of the demonstrations that are taking place in the country after the killing of Mahsa Amini.

The shadow of the negotiations

The world organization for the defense of human rights, Amnesty International, spoke of the possible charges against Alessia Piperno, which risk passing from the ‘threat against national security’ to ‘propaganda’ to ‘espionage’.

According to Amnesty, after an arrest – usually – the trials are preceded by long periods of interrogations. Then the accusation is formalized for a quick process, up to the subsequent stages of the appeal and possible conviction.

The problem is that there is no certainty about staying in a prison, especially for foreign prisoners, which often become an instrument of negotiating pressure towards the other country, against which to make certain requests.

A former inmate, Kylie Moore-Gilbert, 36-year-old Australian-British, he addressed a message to the Piperno family: “For Alessia it is a horrible moment, but it will end. Anyone who has the opportunity to speak to Alessia should tell her not to surrender to the extortion of a false confession. Whatever the verdict of the Iranian court it must be remembered that the purpose is establish its own price in negotiations with Italy. This is why I tell Alessia’s family to be strong and have hope. Tehran arrested her because she is now hoping for something in return, which means that they are willing to let her go“.

For Amnesty there would be no reason why this also happens with Italy.

But according to reports from the Iranian government itself – which communicated it to local media – Tehran has put the lifting of sanctions on the table, to re-establish a correct bilateral relationship with our country and Europe.


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