The photo of Kiki de Montparnasse in the famous Le violon d ‘Ingres by Man Ray today goes to auction Here is who was the woman behind the shot

The photo of Kiki de Montparnasse in the famous “Le violon d’Ingres” by Man Ray is currently up for auction. That’s who the woman behind the shot was (On Saturday 14 May 2022)
A muse poses with her back naked in front of her favorite artist. She has her hair gathered in a turban and a curvy body that allows itself to be portrayed free and magnificent while the car photographics snaps. A magical moment from which one of the most sensual works of art ever will be born. The violon d ‘Ingres by Man Ray is much more than just a simple one photo. Since 1924, when it was made and first published in Littérature art magazine by André Breton, father of the surrealist movement, has never ceased to inspire. Tribute of the American creative Man Ray to the art of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, resumes his famous paintings that immortalize sensual female figures without veils. But it is also a tribute to the nineteenth-century French painter’s passion for the violin. IS …Read about iodonna

twitterkiki_niri : Bueno le change the photo to the playlist najdksn – kiki_babystar : RT @SweetKihyunBr: ~ Sweet Universe | ???? | 11.05.2022 O Kihyun alterou in his photo de perfil no app Universe ?? ?? – kiki_viola8 : RT @enpaonlus: Among the innocent victims of the #war, even the #delfins. Over 80 dead on Turkish beaches, others in Bulgaria. Dead pe … – antserena : @ 1kikioz Kiki you see other photos that put? – kiki_emme : First day of life of my new mobile phone and obviously the first thing I save is a photo kophie to be simple … –

Don’t Worry Darling, the trailer for the film with Harry Styles

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Tak Bisa Temani Mendiang Ibu by Saat Terakhir, Kiki Farrel Merasa Menyesal

Begini curhatan haru Kiki Farrel. Dream – Kiki Farrel menuliskan curhatan haru setelah sang ibu yang akrab disapa mama Dahlia meninggal dunia pada Kamis 12 Mei 2022. Dalam unggahan by akun Instagramnn …

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