“The pigs and wild boars of the Sfattoria will be killed with electroshock”

The decision of the Tar –

“The rights of animals are protected by our Constitution but not by the judge, – reads a note from the Sfattoria, the structure near Rome that deals with saving animals that are abused or recovered in urban areas. amazing episode of

evil justice

. The Lazio TAR, with decree number 5347 of 12 August, sentences to death, without any reason, about 140 heads of suidae collected, cared for and kept in custody, as well as absolutely healthy and harmless, by a group of 200 volunteers at a regular facility registered in the National Database of the Ministry of Health “

“All our animals are controlled, microchipped. They cannot be killed”, repeats Paola Samaritani, who represents the Sfattoria and appeals to civil conscience “because

real extermination is prevented


We will turn to the Council of State

as an extreme attempt to overcome the incredible decision of the administrative judge and save the lives of the poor animals “, is the announcement of the last move to try to save the pigs.” However, it is necessary – concludes Samaritani – that politics too ‘ healthy ‘intervene immediately to avert an irreparable havoc “.

The bureaucratic process –

In defense of the 130 suidae condemned to death in Rome, the animal welfare associations Enpa, Leidaa, Lndc-Animal protection and Oipa had intervened ad adiuvandum to support together, before the Lazio TAR, the reasons of the leaders of the Sfattoria degli Ultimi who met on Monday having been notified of a provision by ASL Roma 1 which orders the killing of pigs and wild boars housed in the structure in via Arcore in Rome.

The hopes of avoiding the slaughter of regularly registered and microchipped animals, therefore, were precisely hanging on the urgent appeal for suspension that the Sfattoria, alone entitled to do so, had filed and which was discussed in a very short time. The associations were immediately activated with their own legal offices.

“These are healthy and regularized animals, whose presence has long been known to the ASL and for which adequate precautionary measures have been adopted against the spread of African swine fever”, underline the associations. “The guests of the Sfattoria degli Ultimi, who escaped mistreatment and were welcomed in the sanctuary, do not constitute any danger: the demolition measure issued by the ASL is completely unjustified”.

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