The Pirates of the Caribbean reboot with Margot Robbie is not officially dead: the producer says so

In 2020, news emerged for the first time about Margot Robbie at the center of a new version of the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbeanbut only last month did Robbie herself question the project moving forward, however the producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently confirmed that the project is not dead, but that other projects have been prioritized. The director also confirmed that there are two projects in development for the franchise and that, whichever other project is, this one is moving forward while the studio waits for a more promising script to come to fruition for the Robbie-led film.

Speaking to Collider about the Robbie-centric project, Bruckheimer confirmed, “I think that script will come through at some point. We’ve developed two different stories for Pirates and the other one is moving forward first, so that’s what we’re working on, to try and make it happen.”

Despite the buzz surrounding the idea of ​​Robbie starring in a Pirates movie, it has never been officially confirmed. The attention that surrounds all of Robbie’s projects makes her an extremely sought-after performer, recently starring in a Barbie movie and about to begin filming an Ocean’s 11 prequel, so every project she is associated with depends on her busy schedule. Last month, the actress admitted that she thought her Pirates film was a lost cause.

“We had an idea, which we’ve been developing for a while, ages ago, to have a more feminine story, not totally feminine, but just a different kind, and we thought it would be really cool, but I think they didn’t want to. do it,” Robbie told a Vanity Fair in November.

Even though the project has been shelved, the news that it’s not quite dead will excite fans, as will Bruckheimer’s earlier confirmation that the series will return in the near future.

“I’m very excited, it’s going to be amazing,” Bruckheimer confirmed to ComicBook. com earlier this year. “We are working on the script. One of the original writers, Ted Elliott, is helping us write it. She has a great command of the characters ”.

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