The PiS MP tried to shine. Did not work. An absurd post – o2

The former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has caused a storm with his latest entry. “Today Greta scares us. We know what. But … 40-50 years ago it was assumed that the Ice Age would come. Maybe it’s better to ‘Don’t look up'” – said Waszczykowski on Twitter.

He attached a photo of climate activist Greta Thunberg to the post. There were also photos of the covers of “Time” from the 1970s, with slogans about “great cooling” and “cooling America”, as well as excerpts from the article “Freezing world” published in “Newsweek” in April 1975.


The problem is that the author of the article quoted by Waszczykowski himself later admitted that he presented a false hypothesis in it and even apologized for it.

The entry of the politician was commented by the authors of the website “Predictions of the Ice Age in the 1970s were disseminated mainly by the media. Most peer-reviewed scientific studies in these years predicted a warming caused by an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” it was noted.

Scenarios of a sudden cooling of the climate, the so-called nuclear winter, caused by a possible world nuclear war – added.


Scientists sound the alarm

Let us recall that scientists currently report that the Earth is threatened by irreversible climate change. It is related to the increase in the average temperature on our planet. There may be considerable problems if the mentioned growth exceeds 1.5 degrees Celsius in relation to the pre-industrial era.


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