The Poles announce a protest the day before the European Championships match. They are outraged by the treatment by the organizer

As ZPRP informed on Wednesday, as many as five competitors received a positive result of the COVID-19 test: Adam Morawski, Piotr Chrapkowski, Jan Czuwara, Kacper Adamski and Damian Przytuła. “The players are feeling well and pass the infection asymptomatically. In accordance with the procedure of the European Handball Federation, the above-mentioned representatives were subjected to isolation” – reads the official statement.

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The Poles are announcing a protest the day before the first match of the European Championships

The Slovak organizers of the European Championships began to treat the Polish national team in a strange way. – We issued an official letter to the organizers describing the history of the chaos associated with the tests, but also the chaos that crept in after the diagnosis of the coronavirus in the team and the approach to us. Yesterday evening we were able to go out and eat dinner, and this morning we were treated to a cold breakfast in the hall on our floor – said the sports director of the Polish team, Damian Drobik, in a film published on the official ZPRP channel.

4 Nationas Cup tournament in Ergo Arena.  Poland - Tunisia 26:30.  Patryk RombelA drama of the Polish handball team! Powerful weakness two days before the start of the European Championships

But this is not the end. Poles have already been tested for coronavirus four times. However, they do not have the results of the latest tests, so they did not have the opportunity to train in the hall. – We were brought to the ground floor. But we’re getting up fast. We do not lose sight of the purpose for which we came here. The championship ahead. We must not lose concentration. We hope that this is the end of the adventures – emphasized Drobik.

Already on Friday, the Polish handball team will play the first match at the European Championships, which will be held in Hungary and Slovakia. The Austrians will be our first rival. The “Polish” group also included Germans and Belarusians. The top two teams from each of the six groups will advance to the next phase.

Schedule of Poles’ matches for Euro 2022:

  • January 14, 20:30: Poland – Austria
  • January 16, 20:30: Poland – Belarus
  • January 18, 18:00: Poland – Germany

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