The police shot the protesters. The protest in the Netherlands turned into riots against COVID-19 restrictions

The evening protest in Rotterdam against covid restrictions turned into riots. On Friday night, the intervening police shot the demonstrators and used a water cannon. They are injured. A police spokesman said that officers shot protesters in self-defense.

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Since last Saturday, due to the growing numbers coronavirus cases, new restrictions were introduced in the Netherlands, against which the inhabitants of Rotterdam protested. The media wrote directly: it was a regular battle with the police.

State of emergency in the city center

Officers used a water cannon as well they fired warning shots and shot demonstrators in their own defense. What ammunition was not specified. At least two people were injured; their condition is unknown to the public.

A police car burned down and many other police vehicles were damaged. Mayor Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb issued a decree to introduce a state of emergency in the city center by 4:30.

“Violence has settled down in Dutch democracy”

Politicians unequivocally negatively assess the events in Rotterdam. “Completely idiotic and unacceptable,” Christian Democratic MP Hilde Palland (CDA) wrote on Twitter. “A group of crazy people,” echoed her MP Ingrid Michonz of the liberal VVD party. The head of the police union, Jan Struijs, believes that the violence “has made its way into Dutch democracy.” “The police are doing everything they can to protect citizens, journalists and the city and are now paying a heavy price,” Struijs tweeted.

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