The police want to buy police cars. The dealer pays attention to one detail

Policelooking for a new 100 unmarked police carsthat road officers are expected to drive in 2022, she excluded hybrids, she only wants gasoline cars. There are also no weaker cars (190 HP), in addition, they must reach 100 km per hour. in less than 6 seconds. According to the specification, the car should also have the appropriate dimensions: minimum 17-inch wheels, 4750 mm long, with a wheelbase of min. 2750 mm and a height of up to 1500 mm.

The most searched cars on the Internet. Results from all over the world

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Lack of competitiveness, overpricing

One of the dealers who wanted to take part in the tender pointed out that these criteria limited competition and noted in a letter to KGP: “When analyzing the procedure and the constructed requirements, it can be clearly concluded that It was aimed at the purchase of a Skoda Superb vehicle in the Ambition 2.0 TFSI 206 kW 4×4 AT version at the price of the base vehicle, about 150 thousand. PLN “. And he points out that submitting an offer is possible only in theory.

Do you know how high the fine you will pay for these offenses?

Concerned dealers want the police to modify the requirements to improve competitive tendering and have suggested new guidelines. And they pointed out that the current guidelines will inflate the price.

The police rejected the proposed changes: “The Ordering Party informs that it does not agree to the proposed solution and maintains the provisions of the Terms of Reference” informs

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