“The policewoman showed great coolness by not using the weapon”

The controversy and dismay in the city for the sexual violence suffered by the policewoman in force at the Volanti nucleus of the Decumani police station in the Pisacane passage, in the night between 19 and 20 October, do not subside. The agent, after dismounting from work, after midnight, went to the parking lot of the gate (precisely in via del Ghiaccio, height of Pesa Anatella) to retrieve the car parked in the special stalls reserved for the police.

A Bangladeshi citizen followed her, hit her with a stone, pulled her hair violently, threw her and dragged her to the ground and then took her to a secluded place where he first tried to suffocate and then brutally rape her. . Only the providential intervention of a nearby truck driver put an end to the sexual assault. The woman was hospitalized at the Cardarelli. The 23-year-old, illegal in Italy, was arrested shortly after in via Duomo. He is now accused of attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault.


(the lawyer Iorio)

The 23-year-old’s lawyer: “Maximum solidarity with the policewoman”

The lawyer Rolando Iorio will defend MI Today he met his client, who in Naples had occasional jobs (especially in the construction sector), in the Poggioreale prison. “This is a purely technical defense. He is very confused and did not realize what he did and the seriousness of his action. We could ask for a psychiatric report to assess his ability to understand and want. He closed himself in a still silent since he was in prison “, explains the Irpino lawyer to NapoliToday.

“I want to express maximum solidarity and understanding for the young agent. She had a weapon with her and given the gravity of the situation there could have been a risk that she could use the weapon supplied, but she did it only by demonstrating that she had great courage and cold blood “, concludes Iorio.

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