The Polish company gives a second life to stale bread. Cosmetics is just one of many ideas

From stale bread, Rebread produces spirits, which have already been sold and are very popular. It has also been used in skin peeling as a mass that rubs off the epidermis.

– We already know that we are able to produce cosmetics. We also have other paths written out that we want to check. We definitely want to approach a probiotic drink, we want to make beer – Bartłomiej Rak, president of the Krakow start-up Rebread, reveals in an interview with Newseria Biznes agency.

There are many ideas of Rebread for recycling stale bread. There are plans to manufacture biodegradable disposable packaging and tableware on a large scale. Such production may turn out to be a bull’s eye. In the European Union, the placing of plastic dishes on the market has been in place since July this year. forbidden. As shown by the example of other Polish start-ups, the demand for ecological packaging and the fashion for not littering the planet can result in profits, recognition and publicity. This is the case of, among others Biotrem, a company that produces disposable tableware made of wheat bran. It sells them all over the world, uses national and EU funding and is the winner of many prestigious awards.

Rebread also plans to create a filament for 3D printers.

– Now we are working on cosmetics and probiotic drink, because these are products that can quickly hit the market. That is why we treated them as a priority – emphasizes the expert. – Our idea of ​​operation is to be that we want to launch products very quickly, bring them to the market and check how they will be received.

As he emphasizes, the company is building a laboratory in which it will work on its ideas. Bartłomiej Rak hopes that it will be possible to find an application for the recycling of stale bread on an industrial scale and processing capacity. Poles waste as much as 2 million tons of it annually. According to the Report of the Federation of Polish Food Banks, 49 percent admitted throwing bread away in 2018. Poles. This is the category of products most often wasted by consumers.

– So far, we have saved almost two tons, which is not much, considering how much of this material we throw away. But that’s just the beginning. I believe that with time we will manage to save more and more – emphasizes the president of Rebread.

The company is looking for financial support to build a laboratory that will have the task of developing new products until they can be introduced to the market on a large scale together with a partner. It has already signed several partnership agreements.

– On the other hand, we are also constantly looking for knowledge and know-how, experience in introducing products to the market on a large scale. We want large retail chains to be interested in products that are created in this recycling process – concludes Bartłomiej Rak.

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The Krakow start-up was one of the participants in Bizroad, during which investors watched companies from the foodtech sector. The organizer of the conference was and Venture Café Warsaw. The event took place during the Thursday Gathering networking event, which takes place every Thursday in Warsaw’s Varso.

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