The Polish Order reduces pensions. Seniors go to court

The new regulations introduced by the Polish Order worsened the financial situation of the 10% group. retirees. Seniors will receive a benefit that is even a few hundred zlotys lower. They emphasize in an interview with the newspaper that they feel embittered because they were persuaded by the government to work as long as possible, because it would pay off in the future.

Polish Order introduces a number of tax revolutions. They are also subject to pensions. Deputy finance minister Jan Sarnowski said that 8 million pensioners would benefit from it. In his opinion,
lower taxes will be paid by pensioners, whose benefit is up to 5,000 PLN per month
and the tribute will not be paid by seniors who receive about 2.5 thousand zlotys from ZUS every month.

Meanwhile, it turns out that not for everyone Changes retirees will be a plus. The daily “Fakt” gives specific examples. The first is an employee collecting 5.6 thousand. PLN per month
– The Polish Deal will take away 147 zlotys from him. The second is an example a reader who has worked for 46 years and as a result of changes in regulations will lose about PLN 470 every month.

Polish Order. Every tenth pensioner with a reduced pension

Some seniors are already making plans vindicating your rights in court and fighting to restore the previous amount of the benefit. There was even the idea of ​​a class action lawsuit due to the reduction of the tax-free amount and the elimination of the possibility of deducting health insurance contributions. Dr. Antoni Kolek from the Pension Institute in an interview with “Fakt” suggests seniors to write a reference to

You should dispute the amount paid out. Then, ZUS should reply that, in accordance with the regulations, it applies this tax rate. The next step would be to take the case to court. Another solution is a dispute with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) before a court with a request for a preliminary ruling to the Court of Justice of the EU

Dr. Antoni Kolek from the Pension Institute

Seniors who want to go a step further in the legal battle may still file class action lawsuit, application to the Constitutional Tribunal for an examination of the compliance of provisions with the Constitution or an application to the Ombudsman.

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