The Polish tractor market has exploded – the automotive industry

The number of new tractors sold in Poland in 2021 was almost 50% higher than in the previous year. December alone is a three-quarters sales jump! For the first time since 2014, the number of tractors sold throughout the year exceeded 14,000.

According to the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities, the number of new tractors registered last year was 14,178. This means a year-on-year increase by 42.7 percent. The very end of the year is marked by record increases – December 2021 was better than the last month of 2020 by 76%!

The podium for 2021 was the same as the year before. First place is New Holland with registrations of 2,511 units, an increase of around 40%. Every year. The market share is 17.7 percent.

Kubota, which surpassed the John Deere brand in 2020, maintained its second place, also recording growth approaching 40%. The number of registered tractors of this brand amounted to 1,669, which made it 11.8 percent. market share.

John Deere closes the podium with 1,387 tractors registered. Half the growth compared to the leaders gave the company 9.8 percent. market share.

Slightly less, 9.3 percent. The market was covered by Deutz Fahr, which increased sales by a third to 1,312 units.

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These four brands have sold more than 1,000 tractors in our market. Case IH, fifth on the list, obtained 982 new registrations, which gave it 6.9 percent. market share.

The Zetor company achieved a little less, 6.7%, taking 6th place with 955 new registrations.

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The Chinese from Foton Lovol, whose tractors achieved the highest growth dynamics, can talk about a good year. Although they do not have a high position in plays yet. The Italian brand Arbos, revived by Lovol, has gained 557 new registrations, which is an increase of over 250%. Lovol alone more than doubled sales to 497 registrations. Interestingly, both brands are represented on our market by various importers.

And Ursus? It is true that it also increased sales, but by 4 units, reaching just 78 new registrations.

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