The Pope senior took the third dose of the vaccine

Benedict XVI’s secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, announced that both he and the senior pope had “confidently” taken the third dose of the COVID-19 preparation. In an interview with the German-language “Vatican-magazin”, the hierarch also referred to Pope Francis’ activities in the field of vaccination.

Compulsory vaccination and sanitary segregation in the Vatican

As part of the forced vaccination campaign in the Vatican, which resulted in the loss of jobs, since January, third doses of Pfizer’s preparation purchased at the behest of the incumbent Pope have been administered. From October 1, by the will of Francis, an absolute compulsory injection against coronavirus and strict sanitary segregation is in force in the Vatican, which does not recognize exceptions.

App Gänswein was asked about the moral objection to vaccines, caused among others by their relationship with the abortion industry. The magazine’s interlocutor said he did not understand the attitude of people who take similar opposition, such as Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, mentioned by the journalist. “You cannot raise the issue of vaccination to the level of faith. Nor can it be said that Pope Francis launched a media campaign for vaccination. But he called for it, and he also got vaccinated at an early stage. That’s right, he said.

Pope Francis is not involved in the vaccination campaign?

The papal senior secretary denied accusations against the incumbent pope of campaigning for vaccination, despite the fact that Francis repeatedly joined vaccine campaigns and urged vaccination in speeches, videos and written texts, and the Vatican issued an official document in which only superlatives mention vaccinations, not allowing any doubts raised by the medical community or a critical part of the Catholic hierarchy.

“Incidentally, Pope Benedict and I have already been vaccinated for the third time. And we did it out of conviction, ”confirmed Archbishop Gänswein. At the same time, the Cardinals presented a more gentle narrative than Pope Francis on compulsory vaccinations, stating: “No one must be forced to vaccinate, it is quite clear. But you have to appeal to conscience. ” On this occasion, the case of Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, who, having gone through a hard covid, warned “against any form of ideological crusade against vaccines.”

The secretary of Benedict XVI also allowed himself to criticize the German episcopate, which, in his opinion, showed excessive involvement in the action of covid restrictions. “As for Germany, I never understood why church authorities sometimes even exceeded state guidelines and were so overly loyal to the state during the crisis. I understand that you are concerned about safety and security. But when the good of the body is put above the salvation of the soul, and it was not just my impression, then something is wrong, ”he said.

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