The portal publishes a recording with the migrant. The man is talking about cheating

The Lithuanian website has published on its website a video showing a group of migrants wandering on the Belarusian side, near the Lithuanian city of Soleczniki. The material contains a man who admits that they had been promised the possibility of legally crossing the border, but after arriving in Belarus it turned out that there was no such possibility.

The groups of migrants the media talk to are guarded by Belarusian border guards. When one of them approaches the journalist to comment on the camera, the officer takes pictures of him with the phone.

Migrants are not allowed to go home

The man claims that he comes from Iraqi Kurdistan and has been on the border with Lithuania for ten days. He admits that they were first promised the possibility of legally crossing the border, and now that migrants would like to return home, they cannot do so.

– They follow us everywhere. We tried to come back, but they bring us – says the migrant.

The man adds that the Belarusian officers used force against them and brought them to the border areas by trucks.

Several thousand dollars for tickets and visas

The migrant also said they paid between $ 3,500 and $ 4,000 for plane tickets and visas. Now they are waiting for the help of the Iraqi embassy in Moscow, and the Lithuanian border guard sent them the number to call.

Finally, the journalist asks where the man knows English so well. He replies that he has a graduate degree.

– When you return to Iraq, will you tell others that getting into the EU is not as easy as they promise? The journalist asked.

– Oh, sure. Now people know it, the man replied.

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