The postmen from Gostyń said “enough” and canceled! We know why

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Inflation is rising and mileage is unchanged. The postmen from the Gostyń Post Office said enough! At the end of November, they were to terminate the contract for the use of private vehicles for business purposes, about which they inform on a special group created on social media “We give out a mileage test”.

In many parts of the country, the postmen of Poczta Polska express their dissatisfaction with the low mileage, which, in accordance with the ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure, for cars with an engine capacity of up to 900 cubic centimeters. they amount to PLN 0.52 per 1 km, and above 900 cubic cm. – PLN 0.83 for 1 km. Let us add that these amounts were established when fuel prices were below PLN 4 / l. Currently, we pay at least PLN 6 / l for a liter of the popular “95”.

The postmen employed at the Post Office in Gostyń also said enough! And it is not surprising – the costs of fuel, vehicle maintenance, inflation are constantly growing, and the “mileage” remains unchanged. On a special group created on social media, “We say the mileage” you can read:

Due to the lack of any reaction of the management board to the rising fuel prices and the mileage rate that had remained unchanged for many years, the postmen of UP Gostyń on November 25 terminated the contract for the use of private vehicles for business purposes. Keep in mind that vehicle maintenance is not just about refueling. More expensive civil liability insurance, more expensive tires, more expensive service and costs of parts and mechanical services – we read in the entry that appeared on the group “We pronounce the mileage”. – Workers’ dissatisfaction has built up over the years and has grown rapidly in the past few months. Creative accounting when it comes to remuneration, additional delivery of parcels in the afternoon (charity). All this meant that the postmen from Gostyń said “ENOUGH” no matter what the consequences would be for them. Please SHARE this information and pass it on to other post offices – we read in the appeal.

We tried to contact the head of the Post Office in Gostyń regarding mileage, but no one answers the phone available on the website. We sent inquiries to the press spokesman of Poczta Polska. We will post the responses as soon as we receive them.


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