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Elton Borgonovo, Vice President, Latin America and Caribbean, Motorola Solutions, writes:

Today, the emergency number 911 plays a fundamental role in the safety and protection of people. The service has evolved significantly since its introduction as a single channel for medical assistance, civil protection, security and public service requests and now has 192 Emergency Call Centers (CALLES) across the country. . and efficient coverage.

These centers receive millions of emergency calls each year that require immediate attention. To meet this growing demand and significantly improve the quality of service and response, it is now possible to implement new technologies based on advanced technical infrastructure supported by artificial intelligence (AI) . Advances in AI will greatly improve our ability to respond and care in crisis situations.

Thanks to advanced algorithms and voice recognition systems, AI has the ability to quickly analyze the information provided by the user and determine the severity of the situation. This allows you to correctly allocate the necessary resources in an accurate and timely manner. Additionally, AI can provide first aid instructions and basic safety measures while waiting for emergency services to arrive, providing valuable additional support to those affected.

An important aspect is the use of geolocation technology. This allows emergency personnel and security personnel to track and determine their exact location even if they are unable to provide accurate information. This ability is especially important in time-sensitive situations such as kidnappings, car accidents, and catastrophes. Thanks to this technology, emergency services can be deployed quickly and arrive at the right location without delay, increasing the chance of saving lives.

Additionally, it is important to emphasize why these technologies are needed today. According to official data collected from January to March 2023, a total of 3,582,461 calls were received, of which over 58% were related to emergency security incidents and 14% were related to urgent security incidents. Ta. 13% related to medical situations, 13% needed assistance, 7% related to civil protection, 4% related to other services and 1% related to public services. These numbers explain the importance of 911 services and why new technology is desirable to effectively and efficiently respond to such high volumes of emergency service requests.

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that beyond technological advances, the human factor remains fundamental in emergency situations. Emergency call operators play an important role in providing emotional support and making important decisions based on experience and judgment. Training and skills are essential to effectively respond to emergency calls and provide needed assistance during a crisis.

The introduction of the 911 emergency system represents a major advance in emergency response in Argentina. Before implementation, the process of reporting an emergency required remembering and dialing different phone numbers depending on the type of situation, often leading to confusion and delayed response times. The unification of the 911 number as the single emergency number simplifies and streamlines the process, allowing citizens to quickly access the help they need in moments of crisis.

The combination of data collection and analysis allows for effective communication between security guards, even in different locations, allowing them to respond immediately to residents’ needs. Ideally, the next step would be to look for a comprehensive solution, but first it would be best to gradually introduce technologies such as radio, video, cloud storage, and AI to create a complete 360-degree ecosystem. can.

Crime has no borders. That is why solutions now exist that allow the integration of different security methods from different brands, manufacturers and institutions, thereby allowing the exchange and cooperation of resources in the fight against crime.

Although the adoption of this type of technology comes with many challenges, governments at all levels in the region are beginning to recognize the importance of using technology in security matters, which in turn will undoubtedly contribute to economic growth in the region. To do. Therefore, now is an ideal time for governments to collaborate with private and public companies to launch various actions and programs to achieve safer cities.

Motorola Solutions is committed to supporting the critical security and communications needs of customers in the public safety field. VESTA 9-1-1 Emergency Call Management allows you to optimize staff challenges and increase efficiency through software that always guides phone operators to the right response.

In short, technology has become a key ally in strengthening the single emergency number 911, creating a positive impact on citizen trust and the security of city facilities. It is important to mention that the success of 911 emergency services also depends on the cooperation of the public. The public should be aware of the importance of using emergency telephone numbers responsibly and only for situations requiring immediate assistance. Similarly, it is essential to provide accurate and detailed information to emergency call operators so that they can make informed decisions and provide the necessary assistance.

In conclusion, the 911 emergency number, powered by technology and artificial intelligence, has proven to be a lifesaver for countless people in Mexico. The ability to quickly analyze information, provide precise instructions, and track the exact location of requesters has significantly reduced response times and saved lives. As technology continues to evolve, it is important that we continue to invest in improving emergency services and ensuring efficiency and effectiveness at critical times. The collaboration of technology and human factors is key to ensuring reliable and effective emergency systems that protect and save lives every time.

Elton Borgonovo: Motorola Solutions Vice President, Latin America and Caribbean

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