The premiere of Fitbit Charge 5 – a new dimension in taking care of yourself and Will Smith for good measure

Fitbit Charge 5 is the latest tracker from the manufacturer, and the equipment is to be the most advanced at the same time. The company changed a lot in the construction of the device, and additionally put a lot of new things inside. All this to better care for the health of users who live under increasing stress. So what does the new Fitbit Charge 5 bring?

The premiere of Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5

Before we get into the features of the new Fitbit tracker, there are a few things worth mentioning. The first is that some functions known from the company’s devices, will soon appear on smartwatches from Google Wear. This is, of course, the result of the fact that Fitbit already belongs to Google, so the giant from Mouintain View intends to use it. Such cooperation may bring some interesting things, but we will have to wait for its details. Especially that the new version of the system from Google is still being developed and in fact it will only be available on Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch 4 Classic.

Another curiosity brought by the premiere of Fitbit Charge 5 is what can already be seen on the web, namely Will Smith. The actor gave up practicing a while ago and generally did not look like Hollywood actors. Now Will Smith, together with Fitbit, is to return to his form and at the same time encourage fans and users of the equipment to exercise with him. Quite an interesting idea for a marketing campaign that can actually bring a lot of interest in the subject of the dispute. The actor is supposed to take up all kinds of challenges (e.g. 10,000 steps a day, etc.), so it can be interesting.

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Now let’s move on to the main course, i.e. the new Fitbit tracker. This pre-sale will be available today, and will be available in stores in the fall. Will it be worth being interested in? From the manufacturer’s announcement, it looks like the most.

What does Fitbit Charge 5 offer?

Fitbit Charge 5

The Fitbit Charge 5 has a color display AMOLEDand at the same time the tracker is about 10 percent thinner than the previous generation of the device. This is also the first device from Fitbit to offer Always On Display, i.e. the possibility of permanent screen backlight. Of course, this will affect the battery, but that’s an option, not a necessity. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, the new display is twice as bright as its predecessor, so even on sunny days there should be no problem reading the content. The battery is supposed to last for approx 7 days of work, and there was also a module responsible for contactless payments on board. Of course, there will be special shields (around 20 to start) and the ability to read notifications from a paired smartphone. You will also be able to respond from the tracker, but only when we use an Android smartphone.

In addition, Fitbit Charge 5 offers many functions that are related to the health of users. You will be able to measure your heart rate, SpO2 or to track changes in body temperature and changes in breathing. All from the expanded Fitbit app. There is also a place on board Charge 5 for GPS module and 20 sport modes to automatically recognize user activity. However, the new Daily Readiness feature promises to be the most interesting.

Because you have to practice wisely

Daily readiness it is meant to be something that allows users to get to know their own body better. After all, it is not always the case that you can be ready to exercise. Therefore, the function is to assess whether the user’s body is ready for exercise or if it needs regeneration. Data to help judge this will come from several places. Willingness to exercise or rest is to be calculated on the basis of physical activity, heart rate and sleep quality from the last daysi. Daily readiness is to help you exercise better and more consciously. The feature will also appear on Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Luxe and Inspire 2.

The Fitbit Charge 5 also has features to help reduce stress and has been equipped with EDA sensor, which measures your stress response through changes in your sweat glands. It will also happen ECG functionwhich is to be available soon in the manufacturer’s application.

Fitbit Charge 5 price

Fitbit Charge 5

The Fitbit Charge is priced at 869 zlotys, and when buying equipment in advance, you will also get six-month access to the Fitbit Premium service. There appear, among others new workouts and tips for exercising. Pre-sale will start today on the manufacturer’s website, and the equipment will be available in stores in a few weeks. Of course, various straps will be available, and the equipment itself will appear in several colors.

Source: Fitbit press release

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