The premiere of Hogwarts: Legacy is getting closer!

Although the game did not start in 2021, the lovers of the young wizard’s adventures had no reason to complain. For the 20th anniversary of the film’s premiere, the creators have prepared many interesting attractions. The program was considered the greatest Back to Hogwarts. The fans nostalgically returned to the screen adaptation, breaking away from the anticipation of the long-announced game Hogwarts: Legacy

So far, the developers have only revealed that the game will premiere in 2022. However, the lack of any information raised concerns about further delays in production. It turns out, however, that the premiere will not only be delayed, but will probably start much earlier than everyone expected.

According to a source related to the Warner Bros. community, the game has undergone many improvements recently. Fans who only expect a new announcement should be prepared to play in Hogwarts: Legacy soon. It is widely assumed that the game was scheduled to premiere in the fall of this year, however information provided by AccountNGT suggests it will be available even in the summer.

The creators have not yet confirmed this information, but the informant became famous for earlier, proven leaks related to Star Wars Eclipse and GTA Online. The fans can only wait for the next step of Warner Bros. and official information on the release date.

You can read about everything that is known about the game here.

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