The President of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, in the “Guest of the News” 12.01.22

The president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, was asked in TVP Info’s “Guest News” about the allegations of “supporting Russia” in the Lotos transaction, formulated by the opposition. “This is total bullshit,” he commented.

Obajtek was asked about criticism of the Lotos transaction. To the opposition’s accusations that the agreement with the Hungarian MOL is in favor of Russia, the president of PKN Orlen said: This is total nonsense. – Are the Saudis as a strategic partner also inappropriate? He asked rhetorically. – In 2011, the opposition did not mind talking about the sale of Lotos with all stations. It did not bother to say that Możejki is a bad idea – a TVP Info guest enumerated, referring to the plans to sell Lotos and Możejki to the Russians.

In this way, he recalled that in 2011 the government of the PO-PSL was getting ready to privatize the refinery in Gdańsk. Ultimately, the transaction did not take place, and in March 2012, the Sejm held the first reading of the “civic draft law on the retention of the majority stake in Grupa Lotos SA by the Polish State.” At that time, 198 MPs from the Civic Platform and 17 MPs from the PSL voted in favor of the rejection of the civic bill. Meanwhile, the entire opposition at that time, i.e. PiS, Palikot’s Movement, SLD and Solidarna Polska, were against the rejection of the project.

What would be the impact on fuel prices today if these refineries were Russian? It’s hard for me to comment on these heresies if the opposition is smarter than analysts, than the stock market is going up, than the business world that says it is an incredibly strategic move, Obajtek said. – I emphasize all the time: there is no interest in keeping a station next to a station. We leave those stations that geographically they do not double with our stations. However, we are adding stations in the region – he argued.

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