The prettiest woman in the royal family was selected. This is not Princess Kate or Meghan Markle. The title went to a rebellious aristocrat

Princess Kate is the perfect example of a modern aristocrat. He always presents himself with class and appropriate to the occasion. Meghan Markle tried to revolutionize the royal family, which she failed. However, with her actions she has repeatedly proved that she knows perfectly well how to attract the attention of the media. Despite the interest they arouse, they cannot boast the title of the sexiest aristocrat. They were overtaken by Amelia Windsor, who made herself known thanks to her rebellious image.

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Amelia Windsor is the sexiest member of the royal family

Amelia Windsor is 42nd in line to take the throne, so she doesn’t have to follow court etiquette. And he uses it a lot. Aristocrat is famous for her love of parties, and some time ago the media circulated photos of topless sunbathing. The granddaughter of the Duke of Kent, Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, appeared several times on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during events such as Trooping the Color. He has been attracting media attention for some time. She recently celebrated her 26th birthday.

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As reported by Tatler magazine, Amelia has been hailed as “the sexiest aristocrat in Britain”. On Instagram, he willingly publishes photos from everyday life. You can find shots with cigarettes or parties with friends. Amelia Windsor is involved in modeling. He also happens to be at fashion shows, where he always sits in the front row. In addition, she is interested in ecology and is even an ambassador for several environmental charities.

Was this the title right to her?

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