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Mateusz Morawiecki spoke in the Sejm in connection with the motion for a vote of no confidence in the Minister of Sport Kamil Bortniczuk, submitted by the Civic Coalition. For several minutes, the prime minister praised Bortniczuk’s achievements as the minister of sport. At one point, he brought up the topic of esports, i.e. professional computer games.

Morawiecki: we want to get children out of their homes through esport

– We want to take children out of our homes through esports. We do not want them only to be in front of the computer, without state and local government programs. Specialists suggest us such a path “be there to take the children out of the screens” to sports fields and sports halls, said the prime minister from the parliamentary rostrum.

Already during his speech, one of the opposition politicians drew the prime minister’s attention to the fact that in esports it is all about sitting in front of a computer. Subsequent comments, also mocking ones, appeared quickly on Twitter.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki seems to be oriented in the subject of computer games, or at least he gives the impression. He appeared at the largest esports event in Poland and one of the largest in the world, i.e. IEM in Katowice, and also visited the participants of a gamejam organized by the Industrial Development Agency, where participants had 48 hours to create a computer game.

It is also possible that the prime minister used a mental shortcut, and the ministry of sport is actually organizing esports programs for children. We asked the Ministry about it, but at the time of publication of this text, we did not receive an answer.

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