The princess Anne, who would not stop even with the Coronavirus


Last Monday, he visited an equestrian centre, near Buckingham, the 30th march should be in Shrewsbury, in Shropshire, at the beginning of April in Bristol and then in Sussex: the princess Anne, second daughter of queen Elizabeth and Philip, duke of Edinburgh does not seem willing to postpone his commitments to the emergency Coronavirus and, at the time, is among the most active members of the royal family in the uk.

The queen, as it is known, has left London to stay in Windsor with her husband Philip, duke of Edinburgh, Harry and Meghan are in Vancouver and in the last few hours came the news of the postponement of the Invictus Games in 2021, while the princes George and Charlotte are doing lesson from the home as well as many other peers.

Even Charles and Camilla have opted for a life in slow motion, referring to a tour in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus and Jordan. All the older members of the family, of the rest, some day, had chosen a sort of self-quarantine to protect themselves. Anna no, she has not yet cancelled any appointment.

The princess, 70 years on the 15th of August, is the only daughter of the queen, and has always been known for its character of iron. Beloved by the british, engaged on several fronts, is that in the course of 2019 has worked more than 165 days, a real record for a royal. The ranking is compiled every year by Tim O Donovan of the TelegraphAnna has taken part in well 506 commitments.

To work means public gatherings of representation, inaugurations, and official events of various kinds and travels, which never seems to be satisfied, despite having an age which could afford to let go of something. She’s very reserved, tenacious, the royal Princess, this is her title, she loves the horses, so to have been the first member of a royal family to participate in the Olympics, in Montreal, in 1976, the witness then picked up by her daughter Zara, in London, in 2012, won a silver medal.

Military career mpeccabile, the princess may soon earn another record, being the first woman to hold the position of Captain General of the Royal Marines, until a few days ago, held by the nephew Harrythat in 2017 he took the assignment after the retirement of his grandfather Philip to private life. A position, at the moment, vacant, and will remain so for one year, i.e. the period of transition that was granted to Sussex to change your mind and return to care full-time of the family business. If they wish to do so. Anna is ready to pick up the baton, and to do, in its own way, a piece of british history.


The princess Anne, the first female Captain General of the Royal Marines (instead of Harry)



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