“The priority is to beat the fascists”. Groans and consensus, what happens in the Democratic Party

The ‘wide field‘is struggling to take off, but in the meantime the Democratic Party is in turmoil for the “new entries” that should be accepted on their lists.

At the end of September, 345 less parliamentarians will be elected than in 2018 and the openings made by the secretary Enrico Letta towards Di Maio, Bonelli and Fratoianni, are not liked by the deputies and senators who aspire to enter the rooms of power. The Pd, through the path of the Democratic Agora, has already reserved some places for members of the party of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, Article One, the Catholics of Demos who refer to the Community of Sant’Egidio and the socialists of Enzo Maraio and Riccardo Nencini. But not only.

The discontent over the candidacy of Luigi Di Maio

The figure of Luigi Di Maio is seen as a foreign body to the Democratic Party. The electoral base of the Democrats is in turmoil in the face of the possibility that the leader of Civic Engagement can be elected under the banner of the Democratic Party. Evidently, the Foreign Minister has not yet been forgiven the nickname ‘Bibbiano’s party’ which he gave to the Democratic Party in the summer of 2019, with whom he allied only a few weeks later. Some dem deputies turn up their noses or prefer not to comment on the idea of ​​being on the list next to the one who, as deputy prime minister of the yellow-green government, endorsed the Security Decrees. Others, however, always with closed notebooks, admit that the idea of ​​having two former Forza Italia ministers as allies such as Mara Carfagna and Maria Stella Gelmini, is not unlike the openings that Matteo Renzi, as secretary of the Democratic Party, made towards the moderates.

The previous ‘inconvenient’ by Matteo Renzi

At the time, however, as explained by a ilGiornale.it the renziana Raffaella Paitathe left Pd rose up claiming that Renzi wanted to bring the Pd to the right: “In Liguria, precisely for that reason, the part of the PD close to Orlando, in the primary, nominated Cofferati against me“, Remembers the deputy of Italia Viva who adds:”Then, when I won by a large margin, a part of Pd supported another candidate for the region (Pastorino) making me lose against Toti“. The leftist Democrats, some of whom like Roberto Speranza, today find themselves in the Pd-Democrats and Progressives list and do not bat an eyelid at the alliance with a party, that of Calenda, which will host in its lists two personalities who have been part of Forza Italia for twenty years. In the recent past, however, “they said that, involving voters disappointed by the right, there was the risk of distorting the identity of the Democratic Party. “, Says the Paita who attacks:”Now, the same ones are proud to give the seat to Di Maio what they called Bibbiano’s party. What can I have to say? It is called transformism“.

Your party colleague, Gennaro Miglioreinstead, he notes a substantial difference between the political eras: “Renzi had a political project which was to make the Democratic Party the most important democratic force in Europe, but this created a conflict with ‘the company’ that felt deprived of a decision-making power that it considered almost as a hereditary right. It is true that the biggest clashes that Renzi has had were within the party“. Today, however, the Democratic Party, second Best, “he is looking for an electoral positioning, but he has no solid political project”, Given that it seems he wants to abandon the Draghi Agenda in the name of the alliance with Bonelli and Fratoianni who have always been in the support of the outgoing government. But not only “The Democratic Party – accuses Renziano Migliore – has incorporated a figure like Di Maio who must be reduced to a sort of figurine within the party and ‘the firm’ is not questioned“.

Calenda, Gelmini and Carfagna in anti-fascist function

Article One prefers not to comment officially, but, with closed notebooks, the political line to follow is very simple: “In order to beat the fascists of Salvini and Meloni, Gelmini and Carfagna are also welcome“. Even in the Pd home the feeling is exactly this and, therefore, never mind if 30% of boarding schools will be destined for Action / + Europe. That of Carlo Calendaon the other hand, it is considered as a ‘return to the base’ of a personality who was elected in Brussels with the Democratic Party and who was even a minister in a center-left government. “For me, the left is reformism. Voting yes in the constitutional referendum, as Renzi asked, is left-wing. Making an alliance with Calenda is reformism, while it is not reformism to ally with those on Putin’s side”Says the dem Enza Bruno Bossio that, at this moment, identifies only one priority: “to make an alliance as wide as possible against the right of Meloni and Salvini”.

The rest is secondary contradiction, as Mao said“, Ruled the Calabrian deputy, convinced that”everyone should be in the alliance: from Calenda to Fratoianni and, even, Renzi“. No foreclosure on Gelmini and Carfagna not even by the senator Andrea Marcucci that says: “I did not share the criticisms of Renzi at the time, who for the record did not make government agreements with the right, but a pact for reforms with Forza Italia. And I do not share the criticisms today of the secretary Letta who rightly tries to make an electoral alliance, with whoever is closest to the Democratic Party“. The senator is also on the same wavelength Dario Stefano that nute “great respect for the former ministers of Forza Italia, who have long taken a very compatible political position with us, and have also shown great courage“.

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