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10-9 Fast winning by Danesi, let’s go!

9-9 Error in the service of Yamada.

8-9 Ishikawa passes in the middle of the wall at the end of a long exchange.

8-8 Great parallel of Sylla, we are back in a draw!

7-8 Along the Ishikawa attack.

6-8 Egonu’s winning pipe, the Japanese almost didn’t take this as well.

5-8 Mazzanti calls time-out.

5-8 Fast by Yamada. Playing like this won’t get you very far.

5-7 Bosetti’s reception escapes, Yamada takes advantage of it.

5-6 Along the Bosetti counterattack.

5-5 Ishikawa’s attack does not pass, four touches for Japan.

4-5 Fortunately, Yamada’s mistake arrives, this game is really nerve-wracking.

3-5 Mani-out by Inoue, new break phase suffered.

3-4 Inoue placed ball. Not taking advantage of Egonu when he is on the front line does not seem a very logical choice.

3-3 Hayashi does what he wants without a wall.

3-2 Egonu Wall on Inoue, finally!

2-2 Inoue pushed lob.

2-1 Bosetti breaks through on the hands of Miyabe’s wall, that’s fine!

1-1 Impregnable diagonal of Egonu, who tries to shake her companions.

0-1 It starts with an attacking error by Danesi.

14:40 We certainly expected a different reaction after yesterday’s defeat. Unfortunately the attitude of the blue appears very submissive, the inaccuracies are always too many: already 6 free errors. Needless to say, we need to change gear right away, we understand very little in the wall-defense, with Inoue and Ishikawa traveling on crazy percentages, 8 points for the first and 6 for the second.

20-25 Bosetti’s hit on the net, first set to forget.

20-24 Bosetti breaks through on the hands of the wall.

19-24 Ishikawa pipes and 5 set points for Japan.

19-23 First deep half by Chirichella.

18-23 Bagher in Egonu’s network, how many inaccuracies.

18-22 Enter Lubian on Danesi for the serve.

18-22 First half of Danesi.

17-22 Egonu’s error in attack, what is worrying is the attitude.

17-21 Another first half of Miyabe.

17-20 Second consecutive error in service for Ishikawa.

16-20 Ishikawa’s unstoppable narrow diagonal.

16-19 Powerful Sylla diagonal from place four.

15-19 Ishikawa sends his to +4. Time-out Italy. The main difference is one: the Japanese reception is always double +, ours is always extremely detached.

15-18 First half of Miyabe.

15-17 Egonu’s winning pipe.

14-17 Pipe by Inoue, the Japanese volleyball player is always playing with the ball in the head.

14-16 Caterina changes power from place four.

13-16 Parallel to Inoue, we need to force much more on the serve.

13-15 Egonu’s frightening broadside, Paola goes to a wedding against the Japanese wall.

12-15 Fast by Yamada.

12-14 Egonu unlocks the situation for Italy.

11-14 Another hands-out from Inoue, unfortunately, as often happens, we suffer these long break phases that we cannot afford.

11-13 Disaster in Italy’s reconstruction, it is absolutely necessary to change the ball. Mazzanti immediately calls time-out.

11-12 Mani-out by Inoue and Japan takes the lead.

11-11 Inoue’s impregnable diagonal.

11-10 Ishikawa’s joke is long.

10-10 Excellent ball speed and Ishikawa’s winning diagonal.

10-9 Hands-out from Sylla from place four.

9-9 We do not take advantage of two balls at the net and in the end Ishikawa punishes us with a frightening narrow diagonal.

9-8 We change the ball with another excellent attack from Egonu.

8-8 Airi takes advantage of Bosetti’s abundant reception.

8-7 Mani-out by Ishikawa.

8-6 Another parallel from Egonu, this time from the second line.

7-6 Deep and high shot by Bosetti from place four.

6-6 Ishikawa Wall on Chirichella.

6-5 Inoue’s millimeter lob.

6-4 First deep half of Chirichella.

5-4 Inoue plays against the hands of the blue wall.

5-3 Chirichella’s Wall on Hayashi!

4-3 Egonu’s parallel broadside from place two.

3-3 The series serving Sylla ends here.

3-2 Wall of Danesi on Inoue!

2-2 Bosetti passes in the middle of the wall and immediately brings us back to a draw.

1-2 Sylla pushed lob.

0-2 Unfortunately there was an invasion of Danesi on the previous action.

1-1 First half behind Danesi.

0-1 It starts with a parallel attack by Ishikawa.

14:14 Italy replies with: Orro, Egonu, Sylla, Bosetti, Danesi, Chirichella and De Gennaro.

14:12 This is the sextet of Japan: Ishikawa, Inoue, Hayashi, Yamada, Miyabe, Seki and Uchiseto.

14:09 It’s time for the national anthems!

14:08 The doubt is whether our national team managed to recover the psychophysical energy consumed yesterday, also because on paper today it could be a battle.

14:05 The last direct discount between these two teams dates back to a VNL match last year, on that occasion Italy won 3-2.

14:02 Today’s could already be considered a direct match for qualifying for the quarter-finals, a defeat would greatly complicate the path of both teams.

13:59 At the moment Italy leads group E with 16 points, 5 wins and one defeat, while Japan is in second place with 15 points, 5 wins and one defeat.

13:56 Japan in the first day of the second phase instead overcame Belgium 3-1.

13:53 Mazzanti’s blues come from yesterday’s defeat against Brazil for 3-2 and today they will go in search of redemption.

13:50 Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Japan, match valid for the second day of the second phase of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup.

Friends of OA Sport, good afternoon and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Japan, match valid for the second day of the second phase of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup. Since yesterday things have begun to get serious, the teams have begun to battle each other with the aim of qualifying for the quarter-finals.

The second stage began uphill for the girls of Mazzanti who, yesterday, at the end of a battle lasting more than two and a half hours, were defeated 3-2 by Brazil. At the moment Sylla and teammates are still in the lead in group E with 16 points, 5 successes and one defeat, but have thus lost the victory of the advantage they had over the other teams. Japan started well, beating Belgium 3-1 and now occupy second place behind Italy with 5 wins, 1 loss and 15 points. Today’s match could already be decisive for qualifying for the quarter-finals, a defeat would weigh heavily for both teams. These two teams did not face each other in the last VNL, consequently the last direct clash dates back to the VNL 2021, when Italy won 3-2.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Japan, a match valid for the second day of the second phase of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, real-time news, minute by minute, point by point, action after action, so as not to miss a single ’emotion, the match will start at 2.15 pm!

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