The problems of Call of Duty creators keep growing. End of promotion on Playstation Sport

Call of Duty Vanguard vanished from the promoted games section. Perhaps this is an attempt to distance Sony from Activison, which is experiencing a crisis related to internal problems of the company.

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COD is disappearing from PlayStation

Sony and Activision have worked together for years. The Japanese company promoted the manufacturer’s games, among other things, on its shopping sites. In return, she was given access to certain content in the games. In addition, PlayStation, the Sony product, is one of the most important platforms on which Activison released its games.

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It seems the Japanese are quietly going to hide their associate. It’s about the “featured” tab on Sony’s game site, where the games are sold. Call of Duty Vanguard is still available in the store, but is not as exposed as it was just a few days ago. CharlieIntel noted a difference on the PlayStation homepage. on Twitter.

Where did the naked change come from? Sony apparently reacted to the confusion that is currently accompanying Activision. The company has big problems inside the company. We are talking about a scandal that the press revealed some time ago. Activision’s CEO was aware of harassment within the company and yet did not respond to it. We wrote more about this a few days ago.

Sony paid attention to this matter. This is evidenced by the reaction of the CEO of PlayStation, who contacted an associate asking him about ways to solve the problem. Moreover, he added that he was stunned by press reports. Perhaps Jim Ryan did not receive a satisfactory answer from Activision and for this reason he decided to separate, at least in terms of image, from the American studio.

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