The production of delivery vehicles will start in Gliwice!

“Today in the morning we received confirmation of the entry in the National Court Register, which completed the formalities related to the merger of Opel Manufacturing Poland and PSA Manufacturing Poland. Thus, both companies have gone down in history, but we have opened a new chapter as Stellantis Gliwice “

– said the president of the company, and earlier the head of both merging companies, Andrzej Korpak.

Opel Manufacturing Poland has been producing passenger cars in Gliwice for over 23 years – until the end of November last year. In total, more than 2.7 million units of various Opel versions were produced here, mainly Astra five generations. On the other hand, PSA Manufacturing Poland has been conducting preparations for the opening of a new factory for delivery vehicles worth a total of nearly EUR 300 million for over 2.5 years. Test production began in August last year, and the official start of serial production is initially scheduled for April 4 this year.

The company Stellantis Gliwice, in addition to the plant in Gliwice, also includes the Pure Tech gasoline engine factory in Tychy and the Tychy Shared Services Center.

In total – as the president of Korpak informed – the new company currently employs approx. 1.8 thousand people. people, with the prospect of increasing employment to approx. 2.3-2.4 thousand. people after starting the next shift.

Currently, some of the staff from Gliwice are temporarily delegated to work in foreign plants of the concern. Gradually, due to the launch of serial production in the new plant, they will return to Gliwice, and at the turn of this year’s summer and autumn, after the planned launch of the next shift, employment will increase by at least 500 people.

In total, over 23 years of operation, the passenger car factory in Gliwice has produced 2 million 755 thousand. 215 cars that went to many countries around the world. In the record year of 2016, over 200,000 people left the production lines. cars, and in 2021, which was the last year of passenger car production – 25 thousand. 213 copies, compared to approx. 90 thousand. a year before.

The test, training production of delivery vehicles started in Gliwice in August last year, the serial production will start on April 4. By the end of the year, approx. 45 thousand people should leave the production lines. copies of large vans for the brands Opel, Citroen, Peugeot and Fiat, and in the next year the production volume may reach the target 100 thousand. copies.

Delivery vehicles of three different lengths and two heights will be manufactured in Gliwice. These will be brands of the Stellantis group – Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper, Fiat Ducato and Opel Movano, in various versions (including electric), also for the British market. Stellantis is the European leader in the large delivery vehicle segment, with a market share of 32 percent, which gives the new factory in Gliwice an important position within the concern.

As part of preparations for the production of delivery vans in Gliwice, new halls were built (a total of approx. 75,000 sq m of space, up to approx. 180,000 existing), in which new devices were installed, including numerous industrial robots. It has been calculated that, for example, in the car body department, the degree of work automation will amount to as much as 96 percent, compared to approx. 83 percent. on the Opel Astra line. The car bodies will be welded by over 380 robots, and the ready-made elements for the assembly hall will be transported by 10 autonomous, internal trains – “intelligent” vehicles without rails and drivers. Each of them will be able to transport up to 10 tons of cargo at a time. The capacity of the body shop is 20 cars per hour.

Source:, PAP

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