The prosecutor for the investigation of envelope elections under surveillance with Pegasus? “I was shown the evidence” | Policy

Prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek informed about the case on Twitter on Wednesday. “I just received an Apple Support alert about a possible cyber attack on my phone by government services. Indication that I may be a target for what I do or who I am. I will take the warning seriously because it was preceded by other incidents,” she wrote. The prosecutor asked Zbigniew Ziobro in the entry. “Is it a coincidence?” – she wrote.

In an announcement published by Wrzosek, Apple informs that its iPhone was targeted by “state sponsored” hackers. “The attackers likely tracked you down because of who you are or what you are doing,” the alert reads.

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Ewa Wrzosek: Apple provided me with evidence that my phone was exposed to Pegasus

– Apple has provided me with evidence that my phone has been exposed to Pegasus. As a prosecutor, an official of the state, I am obviously aware that such tools should be available and used by the authorities to fight the most serious crime. But the lack of consent to the destruction of the rule of law in Poland is not a crime, Wrzosek told

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Ewa Wrzosek as a prosecutor became famous, among others initiating an investigation into envelope elections. The prosecutor wanted to check that during the vote there would be no risk of exposing many people to the risk of loss of life or health. After only three hours, the investigation was discontinued by Edyta Dudzińska, the deputy district prosecutor for Warsaw-Mokotów. A day later, the National Prosecutor’s Office informed that disciplinary proceedings had been initiated against Wrzoski. Wrzocek belongs to the Lex Super Omnia Association, which is critical of the actions of the prosecutor general.

Pegasus is a surveillance system for Israeli production. In 2018, informed that this technology was acquired by Polish services – specifically the Central Anticorruption Bureau.

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