The PSOE of Mutxamel proposes a PGOU that solves communication with urbanization

Mutaxamel. Mutxamel’s PSOE has presented its electoral program for citizens and militants, emphasizing measures it considers to be of particular relevance to the municipality, among which Start-up, after 12 years of paralysis of the general urban planning schemeWith the aim of developing a model of the city adapted to the needs of the inhabitants, both in the urban area and in different urbanisations.

Thus, it proposes the creation of a Mutxamel urban planning master plan, which manages the draft PGOU with bioclimatic criteria, which in turn will address all the parking problems of the municipality once and for all with the creation of more makes possible. parking lots, as well as to optimize urbanization and interconnections with other neighboring municipalities.

This resulted in proposals to reform urbanization “abandoned during the last 12 years of the Popular Party’s government”, in the words of the mayoral candidate. Antonio Cachinero, With this, it is intended to create a strategic plan for these population centers that provides comprehensive solutions including their regular transportation with the urban area, building adequate rainwater and sanitation networks, or the implementation of new municipal, community facilities. and educational.

Among the main proposals, the support of PSOE Mutxamel for the long-awaited arrival Tram For the town, given that the Generalitat has already approved the tram route for Sant Joan and now the project is formalized with the forecast of approval and start of work in December 2024 and with a significant reduction in travel time Preparing to shape. In 30 to 35 minutes fork between the city and Alicante. With regard to the latter, it also proposes the creation of a Metropolitan Transport Consortium as a tool for comprehensive and organized planning of mobility in the region.

program does not forget the offer of the cultural section and Name Arkady Blasko as Mutxamel’s favorite son And make her a living museum, as she wished.

Education, Employment and Industry

The main features of the program include the implementation of the revitalization plan for local commerce in the northern region of Mutaxamel (Ravalet and Peñacerada) or the Office of Urban Development, managing economic and administrative support for the implementation of new companies, as a one-stop Comprehensive for shop companies and businesses. In this section of the support of commerce, the establishment of a family business fair, the transfer of the market to the surroundings of the municipal market, the hospitality industry and assistance to entrepreneurs and the development of new industrial areas within the municipality come to the fore.

In educational matters, it proposes that Mutxamel become a true educated city, with free service for the Matinera school, the promotion of dual training in local companies and the implementation of high school dramatic arts, especially in the audiovisual sector. planning.

Youth are present in the program with the aim of promoting leisure and other activities during the weekend, with the creation of initiatives such as Mutxmail Obert and Espai Alternatiu, which aim to provide alternatives so that young people do not have to travel to other localities.

Festivals and Tourism

In this section, the program proposes to ensure that the Moors and Christian festivals are declared of national tourist interest, as well as for the Compurs, agreeing with them to install commemorative monuments in public places in Mutxamel. Develop a recognition program.

Also worth noting is the creation of the Mutxacycling project, a meeting point for athletes from different disciplines such as cycling, running or hiking, all with the creation of a sports master plan.

Mutxamel’s PSOE electoral program affects many other areas of interest that users can consult on the party’s social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

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