the quality of the installation will drop. The problem is serious

Photovoltaics in Poland will probably see major changes soon. It is about eliminating the net-metering system and replacing it with net-billing. According to experts, it is not the method of settlement itself that is the greatest threat to the industry.

Photovoltaics in Poland is developing very quickly. This the effect of, above all, the My Electricity program, which successfully encouraged Poles to invest in renewable energy sources. At the same time, adequate steps have not been taken in the development of infrastructure and transmission networks, which has resulted in their overload due to high production from photovoltaic installations.

Now, the rulers want to put more emphasis on the self-consumption of electricity. This can help to prevent situations where the PV plant turns off. However, there are doubts about the ways in which the ministry wants to achieve this. It is about reducing the profitability of investing in photovoltaics due to the change in the rules of accounting for the produced energy.

Is Poland in danger of a blackout?  URE took the floor

Is Poland in danger of a blackout? URE took the floor

Bartosz Bąbrych, president of N Energia, claims that this is only the tip of the iceberg. In his opinion, the net-billing system itself is not bad. However, it would have to offer more favorable rates for the purchase and sale of energy, which would allow a better estimate of the payback time of the investment in the photovoltaic installation.

Disrupted supply chains may turn out to be a problem for investors. Considering worldwide problems with the production of equipment using electronic components, increased interest in photovoltaics may translate into shortages in the assortment.

– Global supply chains are indeed “broken”. The photovoltaic industry will face a severe delay or even a shortage of component deliveries – predicted in January and February, when new prosumers will be in a hurry to install installations “scared” of the abolition of discounts Bartosz Bąbrych believes.

Power outages.  How to prepare for a blackout?

Power outages. How to prepare for a blackout?

Deficiencies in the supply of photovoltaic panels, inverters, and assembly structures may translate into ordering by wholesalers and distributors of older models of panels that have spent a lot of time in warehouses. You have to be careful about this for two reasons.

Firstly – In many programs, the condition for granting a subsidy is the use of photovoltaic modules not older than 12 months. Second, the hardware may simply be faulty.

– If the investor decides to buy equipment that was transported or stored in a wrong way – because in a hurry – then his the installation can only be disposed of in a few years’ timebecause the photovoltaic modules will have microcracks causing their complete degradation. Hence the question: will the price that I pay to stay in the rebate system worth it?

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